38 Special Revolvers

Five Great .38 Special Revolvers

There's a lot to be said for carrying a compact wheelgun.

Carry Small But Shoot Big: A Round-Up of Popular Micro Compact Pistols

There are some great pistols in the smaller-than-compact 9mm market.

Six Fun .22LR Semi-automatic Handguns

Fun on the range, easy on the wallet.

Rifle Roundup: Ruger LC Carbine With A Holosun SCRS Sight

And Speer's Gold Dot ammo takes the 5.7x28mm round to a whole new level.

I Carry: Ruger LCP Max Pistol in a N8 Tactical Holster

In this week's episode of "I Carry," we have a Ruger LCP Max .380 ACP pistol carried in a N8 Tactical Mini-Xecutive holster along with a Pelican 5000 flashlight.

Ruger Reintroduces the Marlin 1894 Lever-Action Rifle

Chambered in .44 Mag. Need we say more?

Plinking Products

Plinking season is upon us, and these products will increase the fun factor of your rimfire range time.

Tech Wisdom: History Mystery

.475 Ruger, .480 Ruger, whatever it takes.

Concealed Carry Revolver Roundup

Six choices for an easy to carry six (or occasionally five) shooter.

First Look: Ruger LC Charger 5.7 Pistol

A new, large format pistol version of the LC Carbine.

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