Sentry®Safe Launches New FIRE-SAFE® Products

posted on August 16, 2011
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 SentrySafe, the world leader in residential and small office security-storage containers, today announced the launch of their new steel FIRE-SAFE product. Designed to protect digital media, documents, jewelry and other valuables from fire, water and theft, these new safes have 60% bigger bolts than traditional safes, a full-length pry-resistant hinge bar to provide additional security against unauthorized access and improved lock technology to make authorized access easier.

"Our new FIRE-SAFE products provide unparalleled, valuable protection," said Greg Bonsib, SentrySafe director of marketing. "Our consumers asked for a better safe with increased protection that was easier to use and that is just what we are providing."

The assortment of new safes (MSRP $199-$299) have four large, one-inch bolts in the door, and they may be bolted to the floor - providing optimal security against unauthorized removal. They are UL Classified for one hour fire endurance up to 1700°F to protect documents, records and valuables; ETL Verified for one hour fire protection of CDs, DVDs, memory sticks and USB drives; ETL Verified water resistance up to 8 inches for 24 hours; and ETL Verified to pass a 15 foot/4.5 meter drop test to ensure contents remain intact and locked upon impact.

Security is increased on select models with a dual key lock that works in conjunction with either the primary combination or electronic lock. Models come with a range of different internal organization features, which include a locking drawer to provide additional privacy or a multi-position shelf for easy organization or a tray for quick access of your items.  Select models feature bright, LED interior lighting for quick, easy access to belongings.

Starting August 1, the Big Bolt series can be found at The Home Depot, BJ's, Sam's Club, Walmart, and Target. For more information about products and availability, visit

Founded in 1930, SentrySafe is the world leader in offering fire-resistant and security storage solutions for important documents and valuables. A global presence, SentrySafe today produces more fire-resistant chests, files, safes, security storage containers and gun safes than any other company in the world.  The company's manufacturing headquarters is in Rochester, N.Y., and sales operations exist in the U.S., Canada, Japan and UK. SentrySafe distributes products to more than 54 countries worldwide.  SentrySafe employs more than 450, most of whom are located in the company's Rochester location.  For more information, visit


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