First Look: Hornady Rapid Safe With WiFi

Two new Ready Vaults with more ease of use, same great Hornady security.

posted on December 28, 2022
Hornady Safe

Hornady’s Security products division is now offering a series of Wifi-enabled gun RAPiD Safe locking vaults. Measuring just under 53 inches tall, these are perfect for storing long guns and pistols in closet-size spaces and range in price from $527 to $1,027. The smaller, Compact Ready Safe can house up to 3 long guns and 2 handguns while the larger Ready Safe can hold up to 6 long guns and 14 handguns.

Hornady RAPiD Ready vaults are powered by Hornady’s patented RFID locking technology. Authorized users can open the vault’s locking mechanism by way of an RFID equipped wristband, key fob or decal. The mechanism can also be accessed by digital keypad or a mechanical lock and key. The RFID locks can also be programmed so that the same key fob, wrist band or decal is able to open multiple safes for added convenience. Authorized users can also keep track of every time the vaults are accessed (legitimately or illegitimately) via an app that can be downloaded and installed on their mobile phones.

Internally, Hornady RAPid Ready Vaults make use of the Square Lok customizable organizing system that allows users to configure gun racks and other Square Lok compatible accessories like LED lights, magnetic hooks, hygrometers and dehumidifiers to their liking. A neoprene rubber floor mat is found at the bottom of the safe in order to prevent slipping. Gun racks are coated to protect firearms finishes from being damaged while in storage.

Externally, Hornady RAPiD Ready Vaults use heavy duty steel construction and 5 different hardened locking lugs that makes the safe able to withstand prying, dropping, picking, sawing and targeted hinge attacks. These vaults also exceed ASTM international safety standards for security containers. There are also drilled mounting holes that allow either vault to be anchored to walls or floors for that extra degree of security.

For more information on either the Compact Ready or Ready Vault with WiFi, please visit Hornady’s Security products website at


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