Review: Hornady Fireproof Keypad Safe

Everything you wanted to know about safes (but were afraid to ask).

posted on May 31, 2022
Hornady keypad fire resistant safe

I’ve never understood the resistance to security devices for personal firearms. Yes, having your defensive firearm readily available is a smart move and a sound part of your home-defense plan, but that’s not always possible nor practical. We all have to sleep sometime, and some of us even go on these weird things called “vacations” where we actually leave our homes for more than a handful of hours. In any case, why wouldn’t you want to secure the investment that is your personal firearm(s)?

The Hornady Fireproof Keypad Safe represents an eminently affordable protection device to keep your handguns, important documents and other small valuables away from unauthorized access. Additionally, this safe is rated for fire-resistance for 30 minutes for temperatures up to 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit—even if you’re not concerned about theft, keeping critical items safe in a structure fire is also important.

Opening the Hornady Fireproof Keypad Safe is accomplished either with the battery-powered keypad or a physical key—no worrying about the batteries running dead and not being able to access the contents quickly. There’s a warning when the batteries are running low, and it’s generally a good idea to change them out every time you swap the batteries in your smoke detectors. See? It’s a holistic approach to home safety and security. Programming your four-to-six-digit code is simple, and instructions walk you through it quickly. Once set up, it’s intuitive to open: Punch in the code, hit enter and turn the handle.

Interior of safe

With 16-gauge steel making up the body, 8-gauge steel for the door and four, 1-inch locking lugs, the Hornady Fireproof Keypad Safe will guard against unauthorized access. Four pre-drilled holes allow the safe to be bolted down for extra security. An adjustable, carpeted shelf helps divide the interior space, allowing separation of items as needed. Should you be using this to store handguns, there’s plenty of room for firearms—obviously dependent on the size and accessories on each pistol, of course.

While the Hornady Fireproof Keypad Safe doesn’t offer the lightning quick access of items like the RAPiD Safe Nightguard, the added protection of fire-resistance and the additional space are a worthy tradeoff. It’s still pretty quick to access contents, and if speed is your ultimate concern there’s plenty in Hornady’s line of RAPiD safe products that open with a keyfob, wristband or RFID sticket in an instant. Being able to store a number of firearms—in addition to important documents as needed—makes the Fireproof Keypad Safe a strong choice.

Guarding against the unknown is a smart hedge for your investments, no question about it. Keeping your firearms safe from unauthorized access is important, as is offering protection from fire should the unthinkable happen. The Hornady Fireproof Keypad Safe is an affordable way to keep a fairly large number of handguns secure and protected against whatever may happen, in a package that can discreetly be tucked in the back of a closet, corner of a garage or in a basement workshop or game room.

MSRP on the Hornady Fireproof Keypad Safe is $252.99. For more information on this safe and others in Hornady’s extensive line of security products, visit


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