Review: Delta IWB Holster from Eclipse Holsters

posted on December 5, 2020

I may have just been won over by the Dark Side, by which I mean appendix carry. Thanks to a bit of extra, shall we say, girth, I have never successfully carried appendix style because my gut makes the grip stick out when I sit. Then there is the comfort factor, with the muzzle gouging my leg when I sit. These are my two biggest complaints about appendix carry. However, I might be changing my tune, thanks to the Delta IWB Holster from Eclipse, the first holster I might be able to appendix carry with confidence and comfort.

Named after the wing configuration on the Space Shuttle, the Delta starts with aerospace-grade Kydex fashioned into a molded taco shell. This is standard for most IWB holsters. But the Delta goes above and beyond by adding three little bumps that are barely noticeable at first but make enhance the way the holster rides on the waistline. At the top are two little 1/4-inch tall bumps near the opening that push the pants and belt out just a smidge to bury the holster a bit deeper, they key to good concealment. To balance it out, there is an additional rectangular bump at the muzzle end to finish the job. These little touches might not seem like much at first, but they make a big difference in the ride and concealability.

The holster is kept firmly in place by a single clip running below the trigger guard, making it ideal for appendix carry but also adequate for strongside hip carry. Even though most strongside holsters have two clips, often one-clip appendix rigs can work elsewhere, as is the case with the Delta. The clip is tight enough to safely hug your belt all day long but flexible enough to easily come on and off when you want it to. The clip screws double as easy retention adjustment.

For extra concealability, the Delta comes with a claw that pushes the grip just a bit closer to your body, reducing the odds of it giving you away. Want it even a bit snugger? Switch out the claw end piece for the other included piece with a simple screwdriver.

The Delta comes standard in black, but Eclipse offers additional colors and fancy prints for a small upcharge. Eclipse offers all their holsters in 16 basic colors, 15 carbon-fiber-looking colors, 17 camo patterns, eight textured weave looks, and 57 specialty prints. The holster Eclipse sent me was draped in the Constitution Flag print with “We the People” emblazoned around the top, a healthy reminder about why we carry guns. You can even choose the rivet color. I chose blood red. Fitting, I thought.

At $74.95 plus $10 for specialty prints from Eclipse’s website, the Delta is a high-value option in a terrific IWB holster.


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