Range Bag Roundup

Now that you’ve got it together, here’s how to get it to the range.

posted on July 23, 2022
Range bag roundup

No offense to the local box store or grocery store, but don’t carry your gear to the range in one of their disposable plastic bags. It’s just not right on so many levels. It’ll tear, it’s disorganized, you can’t carry as much stuff. So much wrong.

Instead, keep everything together in a bag designed to hold your eye protection, ear protection, spare mags, ammo, tools, cleaning kit – all the items you will need and want to have a successful and enjoyable time shooting.

Range bags come in a variety of styles and configurations. Here are five that we think do a pretty darn good job of carrying everything in a single grab-and-go bag to be sure all your gear goes with you.

Propper Range Bag

Propper Range Bag

If you’re a veteran under the age of 50, you likely wore BDUs or ACUs from Propper, one of the largest uniform companies for the US military. They also make bags, including their boringly named but highly functional Propper Range Bag. Constructed from 100-percent polyester, the bag is fully padded on all sides, with a large compartment with two moveable dividers on hook and loop. Outside pockets feature six magazine slots, a mesh cleaning kit holder, and a foldout cleaning kit with soft touch lining that won’t scratch your firearm. All this for an MSRP of $69.99

5.11 Tactical Range Bag

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The 5.11 Tactical Range Bag is really two bags in one: the outer shell featuring four zippered exterior pockets with various functions and a removable interior pouch with separate carry handles if you want to go lighter or don’t need all your gear today. One outside zippered pouch holds eight magazines while the other side has two separate zippered pouches for large accessories such as eye and ear protection, suppressors, foldable targets, etc. One nice feature this bag offers that is not found on many others is a brass catcher dump pouch that can attach to your belt or sit beside you on the bench. MSRP is $169.99.

Smith & Wesson Tactical Range Bag

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No, it doesn’t just hold Smith & Wesson firearms and accessories, although we are sure they would prefer you carried them in their bag. The S&W bag is constructed from weather resistant ballistic fabric with metal zippers on the pouches for maximum durability. A large-mouthed center pouches closes with a giant zippered flap and houses a separate interior pouch that comes out if you want to carry lighter. Outside, there are eight pockets that hold everything from magazines to handguns to accessories. Carry it all with included shoulder strap. MSRP is $104.99.

Blackhawk Sportster Range Bag

Blackhawk Sportster

Looking for a basic range bag on a budget? Consider the Blackhawk Sportster Range Bag. Smaller than a lot of the other bags on this list, the Sportster offers some nice features to carry all your range day gear. The main difference between the Sportster and the other bags is the lack of external pockets. Everything is contained in the generous main pocket or one of the slimline zippered slash pockets on the side. The Sportster is built from 600 Denier polyester, so it’s durable and water resistant. Carry is easy with a double grip grab on top and a padded shoulder strap. MSRP is a very reasonable $34.88.

GPS Tactical Range Backpack

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If you prefer to carry your range gear on your back, the GPS Tactical Range Backpack may be right you your proverbial alley. Built to look like a standard tactical backpack, the GPS hides three pistol cases big enough for a medium sized gun and up to three magazines for each. Ever wondered about the best way to stow everything? GPS labels each of its pouches with an icon suggesting the best items to place in each. The icons also remind you to check to be sure you have everything. The outside is covered in MOLLE to affix additional pouches as desired. A compression strap keeps everything tight on the outside. MSRP is $139.99.


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