New for 2018: APO Saber M700 Tactical

posted on October 26, 2018
Building on the success of its lineup of Saber Sport Utility rifles, Ashbury Precision Ordnance announced the launch of the company's all-new Saber M700 Tactical rifles late in 2018, providing precision shooters with purpose-built platforms designed for modularity and heightened long-range performance.

"The Saber M700 .308 Tactical Rifle is a great example of the continuing evolution of Ashbury's Saber modular rifle chassis system," Ashbury Product Manager Matthew Peterson said. "APO's mature rifle chassis designs are far-reaching in terms of modularity, reconfigurability, shooter ergonomics, and low felt recoil. Coupled with continuous improvements in Remington's mass-production manufacturing processes, Ashbury can offer this high-quality, best-value tactical rifle that's range-ready."

Each of the company's Saber M700 Tactical rifles starts out life as a hand-selected Model 700 rifle action made by Remington. Specifically chosen from Remington's line of SPS Tactical AAC-SD barreled actions, the guns are tested to ensure they can provide sub-MOA performance downrange. Once the inherent accuracy of these chosen actions is proven, the transformation process starts at the Ashbury Precision facility in central Virginia.

The barreled Remington 700 action is paired with APO's modular Saber MRCS-AR MOD-1 rifle chassis. Each rifle chassis provides an extended, 20-MOA Picatinny optics rail for added real estate in mounting large precision-rifle optics for today's long-range competitions, as well as additional night-vision or thermal optics for hunting or duty use. To ensure a solid attachment base for optics, the rail is a monolithic design integrated into the handguard itself. The handguard on the chassis provides M-Lok attachment points around its circumference at seven different points.

At the butt end of the chassis, the company's Push Button Adjustable Hybrid stock folds along the left side of the receiver for easy transport and storage. The double-locking hinge ensures that the stock remains secured solidly into place, whether it's folded or deployed. Incorporated into the folding stock is the company's own three-position monopod that allows shooters to build a solid field position when used in conjunction with an attached bipod. The chassis is compatible with AR-style grips and ships with an 11-degree Magpul pistol grip. Inside the chassis, consumers will find a Rifle Basix adjustable trigger that comes factory-set with a 3-pound trigger pull.

Each Ashbury Precision Saber M700 Tactical rifle is equipped with a hammer-forged barrel topped with a 5/8-24 TPI threaded muzzle. The rifles are equipped with an AAC Blackout 51T combination muzzle brake/suppressor adapter. The entire chassis is treated with a hard-anodized black finish, while the barreled action features a black phosphate coat. Ceramic-finish options are also available from Ashbury Precision.

Without an optic, loaded magazine or other accessories, each Saber M700 Tactical weighs in at 11.3 pounds and measures 41 inches long with the folding stock deployed. When folded for storage, overall length measures in at 31.5 inches. The rifle can be had in either .308 Win. or 6.5 Creedmoor, and the suggested retail price on the gun is $2,750.


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