On the Range: Bergara B14 BMP Rifle

posted on June 21, 2017
Watch the video above to see the Bergara B14 BMP rifle in action.

Part of the new collection out from Bergara in 2017 is the innovative B14 Bergara Match Precision (BMP) rifle, which includes a number of built-in features designed to provide shooters with an affordable precision-shooting platform.

The Bergara B14 BMP rifle is built by the company's factory in its namesake town of Bergara in the Basque region of northern Spain. The rifle is built using the company's renowned B14 action, which was designed to surpass the abilities of all other production hunting-rifle actions on the market. Now, the company took its expertise in the hunting market to produce one of the best affordable precision rifles available today.

The company took the heart of the B14 hunting rifle and constructed the BMP chassis stock around the action, giving shooters an extra level of accuracy and customization. The stock allows for complete adjustability, giving owners the ability to adjust the stock for cant, height, length of pull and cheek-riser height, ensuring that users can built a completely specialized shooting platform that fits their body.

For additional customization options, the fully adjustable stock can be removed and replaced with an AR-15-style buffer tube, which allows for complete access to the exploding market of AR stocks and accessories. In addition to the buffer-tube addition, the rifle also uses standard AR-style pistol grips, opening up a range of aftermarket options.

The company's B14 action features a two-lug bolt that incorporates a Sako-type extractor for reliability, as well as a tapered bolt nose and breech that provides improved feeding and extraction. The action also comes equipped with the company's curved trigger, which is factory-set at about 3 pounds. The action is also drilled and tapped to accept Remington 700 rings and bases.

The Bergara B14 BMP is available in .308 Win. and 6.5 Creedmoor. The guns feed from AICS detachable magazines and also include a threaded barrel for muzzle devices and suppressor use. The suggested retail price on the rifle starts at $1,699.


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