LaserLyte Glock 26/27/42/43 Laser

posted on August 14, 2015

Covering four generations and four models, the LaserLyte trigger guard laser fits many flavors of Glock handguns. Compatible with all four generations of the sub-compact 9 mm and .40 S&W pistol as well as the new single stack 9 mm and .380 ACP pistols, one need only turn a few screws to adapt this chameleon of lasers to the preferred configuration.

LaserLyte's Sight TGL trigger-guard-mounted laser has two separate housings, one for the Glock 26/27 sub-compact frame and one for the G42/G43 single-stack. The laser unit itself is held in place with a single screw, and can easily be swapped between housings. Choose the housing, attach the laser, then screw both sides of the housing around the trigger guard. It's just that easy.

The laser features both constant-on mode and pulsating, and can be changed by simply holding in the activation button while the unit is on. The unit automatically shuts off if left unattended, which should help extend the life of the three 392 batteries required for operation.

MSRP: $115.95



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