First Look: XS Sights R3D Sights for CZ and Glock Pistols

XS Sights is expanding its R3D line of sights to include CZ and Glock handguns.

posted on February 2, 2022
handgun sights

It’s a cruel fact of life that when the light is dim and the front sight is hard to see, it's also the time when bad things tend to happen to good people, making it vitally important for you to make sure your sights are on target and clear. Night sights mounted on your defensive pistol can give you an edge in these situations, giving you an advantage when literally everything is on the line.

Now XS Sights is increasing their R3D Night Sight offerings for CZ and Glock pistols with the addition of standard height R3D sights for the CZ P-10 C Optics-Ready pistol and suppressor height models for Glock 43, 43x, and 48 MOS pistols.

“The Glow Dot technology in our R3D front sight activates even before the tritium is visible, giving those who prefer a 3-dot notch and post sight picture a significant edge in high-stress situations,” said Addison Monroe, Marketing Manager for XS Sights. “The R3D front dot also glows brighter than the two-dot tritium rear which drives your focus downrange and prevents you from mistaking a rear dot for the front sight when your adrenaline is surging.”

The XS R3D is available with a bright Orange or Green Glow Dot front sight and has a traditional 3-dot tritium, notch and post sight picture. The rear sight notch is 15-percent wider than the front sight post, allowing more visible light around the front sight. This added space, when combined with the XS Glow Dot technology, makes it easier for you to see the front sight in changing light conditions and when shooting on the move. On top of this, it also aids in faster sight alignment and increased accuracy.

MSRP for these new R3D sight set varies from $110 to $123, and more information on these products and other items from XS Sights is available at



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