First Look: XS RAM Night Sights

posted on October 19, 2019

XS Sights is rolling out its new line of RAM Night Sights, one of the brightest pistol sight options available. These new sight options are designed to be ideal for fast and accurate shooting in both bright and low-light environments.

XS Sights RAM (radioactive material) night sights have a traditional, 3-dot tritium, notch-and-post, sight picture.  The rear sight is blacked out to increase contrast against the bright orange or green front sight. The front sight uses XS’s exclusive Ember Glow Dot technology, which absorbs ambient light and lights up in low light. The front tritium lamp in the RAM sight charges the Ember Glow Dot, making the front sight glow brighter than the rear to help keep your focus where it belongs.

“Our high-performance night sights are purpose driven tools fine-tuned for Law Enforcement use,” said Zack Kinsley, marketing manager for XS Sights. “Having our own tritium license has significantly strengthened our capabilities. We now test and use raw materials we didn’t have prior access to, resulting in broader and more advanced product offerings that ensure front sight visibility at all times.”

RAM Night Sights were designed to overcome three common issues with 3-dot tritium sights:

  • Confusing the front dot with a rear dot in stressful situations
  • The brightly colored Ember Glow Dot in the RAM front sight is a much brighter color which differentiates the front dot from the two rear dots.
  • The rear sights glowing brighter than the front sight, drawing the eyes away from the front sight.

RAM Night Sights use a rear notch that is 15 percent wider than the front sight, allowing more visible light around the front sight. This makes it easier to pick up the front sight in changing light conditions, keeping your sights on-target and improving accuracy.

The front blade width is 0.145 inch (3.68 mm) and the rear notch width is 0.170 inch (4.32 mm).  While height varies by model, all models fit standard holsters. Equipped with a a rear sight ledge to aid in one-handed slide manipulations, the RAM night sights are currently available for a variety of Glock, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory and FN America pistols. MSRP on the RAM night sights from XS Sights varies from $100 to $120, depending on the model. For more information, visit


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