First Look: XS Sights Pink DXT2 Big Dot Tritium Night Sight

posted on October 6, 2020

XS Sights is proud to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. (NBCF). In support of Breast Cancer Awareness month, the company is offering an exclusive pink version of its DXT2 Big Dot Tritium Night Sight through the month of October.  XS’s Aim for Hope initiative will support the outstanding work of NBCF to provide help and inspire hope to those affected by breast cancer. The foundation’s focus is on early detection, education, and support services. XS Sights is committed through this campaign to donating a minimum of $3,000 to NBCF and the programs they provide.

“As a majority women-owned business, we are blessed to have the opportunity to support NBCF in helping women facing the cancer fight. Our family has first-hand experience with the impact of the cancer journey…and most importantly the benefit of a supportive network and the hope it provides. We are grateful to have this opportunity to support NBCF in providing resources during this life-changing experience as so many have done for our loved ones,” said Kellie Brunn, Co-Owner of XS Sights.

XS also wants to help bring awareness to women about the importance of carrying a firearm for self-defense. Michelle Waldran, a Team Walther Shooter, handgun instructor, and XS Sights Ambassador, said, “Starting your journey as a female gun owner or just making the decision to carry a gun for self-defense can be overwhelming and scary. The key to safe gun ownership is knowledge. Prepare yourself by acquiring safe practices, elevated situational awareness, and training. It’s a lifestyle dedication.”

The popular XS DXT2 Big Dot Tritium Night Sights offer great front sight visibility in all light conditions. The design of the sight has a large dot that is 0.188 inches in diameter with a high-contrast front and a low-profile V-notch rear. This, coupled with the technology used in the proprietary photo-luminescent glow dot that surrounds the tritium, drives the focus to the front sight and downrange threat in almost any lighting conditions.

The limited edition pink color is more than a statement of support; it also offers a high-contrast sight picture when shooting in bright light conditions and maintains its visibility well in decreasing light levels. The Pink Big Dot glows white in low light to provide contrast against the green tritium insert. The design of XS Big Dots gives you a clear sight picture, with a tritium dot in the front sight and a tritium bar in the rear. The design helps prevent you from confusing the front and rear sight in high-stress situations, while the wide field of view offered by the shallow V rear of the Big Dot increases the visibility of the front sight and the threat downrange.

The Pink Big Dot is available for a variety of Glock models, and more information on this special edition DXT2 Big Dot Tritium Night Sight and other products from XS Sights is available at


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