First Look: New Pistol Sights from TAG Precision

Keep your fiber optic inside the sight where it belongs.

posted on March 24, 2024
Tag Precision

TAG Precision has just unveiled the new Fiberlok series of handgun sights which use of a clever installation system to hold the fiber optic insert in place. Fiber optic-based sights are popular choice because the fiber optic inserts can gather ambient light from many different angles and make the sight appear brighter and catch the shooter’s eye in ways that a standard sight can’t do.

While all manner of handgun shooters have found utility in sights with fiber optic inserts, those shooters have also learned to keep extra fiber optic rods on hand, as these eventually get loose and fall off, needing to be replaced by one of the spare fiber rods you have on hand. TAG Precision’s solution to this problem is to capture the fiber optic rods in place using a set screw that can be tightened and secured in place.

This set screw system allows TAG Precision to make and offer a wide variety of fiber optic front and rear sights. TAG Precision offers sights that fit virtually all major makes and models of handguns sold on the market today, including guns from Beretta, Canik, CZ, Glock, Kimber, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson and Springfield Armory. In addition to this, Fiberlok sights are available to fit the Novak sight cut, a popular choice for 1911 pistols.

CEO and Founder of TAG Precision, Michael Neff, expressed his excitement: “I am ecstatic to introduce our new brand and our patented FiberLok technology, proudly made in the USA. We’ve dedicated over a year to developing these advancements and are thrilled to finally get them into our customers’ hands.”

To learn more about TAG Precision and the new Fiberlok brand of fiber optic compatible iron sights, please visit


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