First Look: XS Sights AR Upper & Lower Armorers Block

XS Sights has upgraded its Armorers Block for greater functionality.

posted on February 14, 2022
XS Sights Armorers Block

When working on an AR-pattern rifle, one of the most important tools you can have in your toolbox is a solid armorer’s block. Whether you’re assembling a rifle from components, attaching a riflescope or red-dot sight or simply cleaning it after a day at the range, ensuring that the platform is level and locked solidly in place is the basis for a positive outcome. Trying to jury-rig something to hold your upper or lower in place is fraught with peril, and can result in lost components, improperly installed parts or worse.

XS Sights has long had a solid Armorer’s block, and has recently added an upgraded block for AR platforms. The XS AR Upper & Lower Receiver Armorers Block is engineered to allow gunsmiths or DIY enthusiasts to secure AR-15/M4-, AR-10-, SR-25- or DPMS GII-pattern receivers in a bench-mounted vise. This allows for home assembly, modifications or simple maintenance on nearly every AR-pattern rifle available.

“Most armorers blocks will only fit one specific style AR rifle,” said Addison Monroe, Marketing Manager for XS Sights. “Our gen 2 block provides versatility, allowing the user to work on upper and lower receivers of almost any AR pattern rifle. It’s virtually a one-size-fits-all solution.”

Construction is of 6061 T6 aluminum and manufactured in the U.S., the versatile and durable XS Armorers Block comes with pins to lock in the receiver in addition to a fitment screw for the AR-15 lower. To accommodate the larger magazine well of AR-10-pattern lowers, XS offers a 3D-printed adaptor plate separately. For those with their own 3D printers, though, XS Sights thoughtfully offers the designs free of charge at The Armors Block works with a DPMS patterned 308, DPMS GII, Armalite Rifle, and standard AR 15/10 pattern rifles.

MSRP: $83. For more details on the new AR Upper & Lower Armorers Block, visit


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Sheriff Jim Wilson

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