First Look: TruEarz Hearing Protection

Protecting your hearing on the range is easier thanks to the new TruEarz hearing protection from WildEar.

posted on March 27, 2022
TruEarz hearing protection

The new TruEarz ear plugs from WildEar are an alternative to wearing bulky muff-type hearing protection, or smaller in-the-ear ear plugs that block all ambient sounds. This includes the sounds that you want to hear, such as conversation or the sound of game. TruEarz’s specially-designed acoustic filters reduce sounds evenly across a wide frequency range including the impulse of a gunshot. These filters allow you to turn down the volume of what’s going around you without sacrificing listening quality and the sounds you want to hear.

There are different filter options available for the TruEarz ear plugs, including the Impulse Filter which is best for loud continuous noise such as power tools, lawn equipment, motorized vehicles and loud sporting events. The Impulse Filter is also best for relatively quiet areas that have occasional loud impulses such as gunfire. The Lite Filter works best for moderate continuous noise like noisy clubs/music events, some power tools or lawn mowers, depending on the distance from the noise source. The Toggle Filter – Lite filter is ideal for intermittent exposures in and out of noise areas, such as work sites with power tools or industrial machinery.

Keeping the Toggle Filter open on the TruEarz is best for moderate noise, while keeping the Toggle Filter closed is best for high to very high noise. TruEarz is a non-electronic product and includes two base TruEarz Ready Fit Hearing Protection units (one for each ear), one set of Standard Comply Tips, a Filter selection of your choice, a lanyard with clothing clip, and a zipper Ear set Pouch. MSRP is $49.50 for standard
TrueEarz units and $54.50 for the Toggle units. Additional Ready-Fit tips in slim, standard and large and 3-Flange are available as a separate purchase.

More information on TruEarz Ready-Fit Hearing Protection, as well as the entire line of WildEar products, is available at


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