Peltor Sport Hearing Protection Line

posted on April 18, 2016

Your ears are safe from harmful sounds with Peltor’s Sport Hearing Protection Line. If you’re heading to the range, indoor or outdoor, then any of the five sport headsets from Peltor would be the right choice.

One thing to remember is when picking out ear pro, it’s similar to picking out your firearm. It all depends on the type of shooting you will be doing. Therefore, you have to keep in mind what gun you will be shooting with and the environment you’ll be shooting in. With these factors in mind, you are sure to choose the correct ear protection from the options below.

I took the sets down to the range with a few friends and tested them out to see how they ran.

My personal favorite was the Peltor Sport Tactical 100 Electronic Hearing Protector. It features proprietary technology that suppresses harmful gunshot noise while amplifying low-level sounds. Thus, they are the ideal set for either indoor or outdoor shooting. Additionally, if you are an instructor or plan on taking a class where you will need to hear the range commands, then these would be the perfect pair. Plus, the comfort and fit allow for a long range session. In addition, they have three audio levels and run on 2 AAA batteries. Plus there is a 3.5 mm audio input jack that is compatible with most MP3 players, 2-way radios and smartphones.

MSRP: $99.99 

Another option for an electronic pair of ear protection are the Peltor Sport RangeGuard. If you don’t want to crack the piggy bank on the Sport Tactical 100 then the RangeGuard might be the best option for you. This pair features advanced electronics to enable communication in a shooting environment while also helping protect from harmful noise. So again if you are an instructor or plan on taking a class then the electronic version would be the way to go. And just like the ones above they have the 3.5 mm audio input jack that is compatible with most MP3 players, 2-way radios and smartphones.

MSRP: $69.99 

If you are looking for ear protection without all the fancy electronic features, because let’s face it, some of us don’t want to have other voices in our head when we go to the range, then the Peltor Sport Passive Hearing Protectors are more of what you are looking for. Designed for safety without sacrificing comfort these earmuffs reduce sound levels for reliable passive hearing protection, and are offered in a wide range of attenuation or noise reduction ratings (NRR). They are comfortable and the finish on them allow for a good seal over your ears. Available with NRR of 24, 27 or 30 dB. This is where you will want to keep in mind the type of firearm you will be shooting because the higher the NRR on the ear muffs the bigger they will be, thus hindering your precision. So if you are shooting a rifle you might consider going with the lowest NRR.

NRR 24 MSRP $25.99

NRR 27 MSRP $27.99

NRR 30 MSRP $29.99


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