Magpul products roundup

SHOT Show Roundup: New Products from Magpul Industries

Cable management, safety selector and slings are just some of the new offerings for 2023.

Remington Premier AccuTip Slugs - PRA12 Recall

Customers are advised to contact Remington if they are affected by this recall.

Safety Glasses with Style

There’s a ton of science that goes into protecting your precious eyesight.

Rule #3: The Golden Rule

They're called the rules of gun safety, not the suggestions, not the guidelines.

Is There Still A Place For The Single Action Pistol?

Just because single-action, semi-automatic technology is more than a century old doesn’t necessarily mean it’s outdated.

Fightin' Iron: Centennial Story

Sometimes life-changing events and a gun’s shortcomings bring about firearm evolution.

Building Confidence

Your comfort level with your gun is readily apparent to everyone around you.

Revision Military I-Vis Eye Protection Review

Tune your eye protection to your environment with Revision’s new I-Vis system.

Gatorz Marauder Eye Protection Review

Eye protection has to be tough, but it doesn’t have to be boring.

Accidental or Negligent?

Sheriff Jim talks about how today's gun owners are better than their predecessors in one very important way.

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