First Look: NovX Ammunition

posted on September 27, 2017
The next generation of pistol ammunition is on the market, thanks to the launch of NovX Ammunition, a new cartridge offering developed by Timberghost Tactical that is taking the latest innovations in ammunition technology and packaging them into offerings designed for the consumer market.

The company believes that its new ammo offerings contain the best that modern-day bullet technology has to offer, thanks to the innovative design of its Extreme Self-Defense projectile design. The round uses the patented ARX design originally found in offerings from PolyCase ammo.

This new projectile leaves traditional plated-lead bullets in the dust, thanks to its proprietary blend of copper and polymer. The devastating personal-defense properties of this new round comes from the ARX flutes molded into the shape of the bullet, which produces effective wound channels thanks to the properties of fluid dynamics rather than hydrostatic shock.

The copper-polymer projectile is paired up with an innovative two-piece cartridge-case design from Shell Shock technologies, which uses a stainless-steel casing that's paired up with a primer base constructed from aluminum. This unique, new case design is intended to provide a lighter overall cartridge while enhancing the strength of the case itself.

Several different cartridge offerings are available from NovX Ammunition. The first of the company's new offerings is the NovX 9 mm ARX Engagement Extreme round, which uses a 65-grain copper-polymer bullet construction that incorporates the ARX flutes designed to take advantage of fluid dynamics.

Other notable benefits of the new design is the ability of the rounds to self-lubricate and resist corrosion, thanks to the stainless-steel and aluminum construction. The lead-free construction leads to less fouling over time, and the unique copper-polymer bullet construction works like a frangible round, reducing the chance of ricochets. In addition, the lack of lead provides added benefits when shot in indoor ranges, reducing the amount of airborne lead contamination.

The Engagement Extreme line comes in both standard and +P offerings. The standard load leaves the barrel at 1,575 feet per second, producing a muzzle energy of 358 foot-pounds. The +P offering features a muzzle velocity of 1,655 feet per second, producing a muzzle energy of 395 foot-pounds. The suggested retail price for the NovX ARX Engagement Extreme line starts at $27.99 for a 26-round box.

The company also offers its 9mm RNP CrossTrainer load in standard and +P offerings, which offers users a training load that features many of the same components of the company's self-defense offering, as well as similar ballistic profiles. The round-nose bullet is constructed from the same copper-polymer blend as the ARX design, but it does not feature the molded-in flutes that produce fluid dispersion. The CrossTrainer loads start out at a suggested retail price of $27 for a 51-round box.

Combination packs of the company's Engagement: Extreme and CrossTrainer offerings are also available, retailing at a suggested price of $54.99 for 26 ARX +P self-defense rounds and 51 RNP CrossTrainer rounds.


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