First Look: Inceptor Ammunition ARX Preferred Defense 10mm

posted on May 5, 2019

Among today's handgunners, the 10mm round has seen a resurgence, pushing gunmakers and ammunition manufacturers to develop new options and loads to meet demand. With the addition of a 10mm Auto round, Inceptor Ammunition has expanded its ARX Preferred Defense product line offering to gun owners who prefer the punch of the 10mm cartridge.

The new 10mm round combines Inceptor’s patented injection-molded ARX projectiles and polymer-copper compound to give customers a high-performance option for personal defense. The ARX bullet is lead-free, making it ideal for use in areas where lead contamination is a potential issue or where use of lead-based ammunition is prohibited. The special design of the ARX bullets uses molded-in flutes to direct and accelerate tissue across the fluted surface in a phenomenon known as the Venturi Effect. The rounded profile of the bullet also aids in providing reliable feeding and operation through most of today's popular 10mm pistols.

“The 10mm has gained popularity as a common carry caliber and general use platform,” said Inceptor Ammunition General Manager Paul Lemke. “We're happy to introduce the advanced ARX technology to this caliber and take full advantage of its capabilities for self and home defense. Inceptor's complete line provides advanced, non-expanding and lead-free performance to stop the threat, and the 10mm is a great addition to this lineup.”

Featuring the non-expanding Inceptor ARX projectile, Preferred Defense ammunition is light (90 grains), fast (1780 fps) and has low recoil and a flat trajectory. The ARX projectile’s fluted design ensures exceptional reliability and terminal performance while minimizing the possibility of over-penetration.

The grooves on the nose of the bullet have wide opening and narrow end points and when combined with the bullet’s forward velocity into soft tissue (which is full of fluids like water, blood, etc.). This unique design causes an increase in pressure of the tissue, and fluid is laterally ejected from the flutes at a higher velocity than the actual speed of the bullet itself, creating the massive cavitation and wound channels. This results in unparalleled threat-stopping effectiveness, backed up by results in ARX gelatin tests.

More details about the ARX Preferred Defense line is available online at


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