First Look: Modern Spartan Systems Starter Kit Plus

posted on July 26, 2017
The world of gun cleaners and lubricants is filled to the brim with a wide variety of wonder materials promising a range of revolutionary benefits, all designed to help make your gun run better. While many of these products turn out to be more or less the same, one manufacturer is working to stand out among the rest, and consumers have a chance to test its claims with the use of the Modern Spartan Systems Starter Kit Plus.

Modern Spartan Systems started as a collection of firearms experts, chemists, engineers and defense consultants who wanted to provide the firearms world with something more than a simple gun-cleaning system. These entrepreneurs produced a specialized system that, in their words, "optimizes" a firearm rather than just cleaning it.

The Modern Spartan Systems Starter Kit Plus comes with all of the necessary elements offered by the company to keep your firearms cleaned, protected and optimized for accuracy and reliability. The kit contains 2-ounce bottles of the company's two cleaners: Carbon Destroyer and Copper/Lead Destroyer, as well as 2-ounce bottles of its Accuracy Oil and Crystal Clear lens cleaner. The kit also includes a 0.25-ounce container of the company's unique Accuracy Grease.

Cleaning guns with the company's Carbon Destroyer is supposed to be much faster and easier than other carbon-elimination products on the market, due to its proprietary formula. The formula, according to Modern Spartan Systems, uses micro-emulsion technology that works into small pores and cracks in the surface of the metal, loosening and breaking away carbon buildup faster. The material is water-based and is safe for use on all metal surfaces. The company notes that it has particular success in removing thick cosmoline gel from guns retrieved from long-term storage.

Characterized by Modern Spartan Systems as "the most powerful friction-reduction technology on the planet," the Accuracy Oil included in the kit uses the company's "metal-conditioning" technology that is designed to reduce friction as well as smooth and strengthen the interior surface of the barrel. Modern Spartan Systems claims that the use of this product will provide smoother actions, increase accuracy and cut cleaning times by 50-75 percent.

The company also claims that Accuracy Oil is unaffected by temperature extremes, lowers barrel temperatures by as much as 30 percent and is environmentally friendly in addition to being non-flammable and non-corrosive.

The Modern Spartan Systems Starter Kit Plus makes a number of promises that, if true, make this one of the most remarkable cleaning systems on the market. The company sells all of its cleaning supplies in bulk quantities, so the Starter Kit Plus, which provides sample sizes of all of the company's innovative products for $50, is a great chance to test out the company's claims. For more information, visit the Modern Spartan Systems website.


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