Rifle Accuracy for Home Defense

Don’t stress too much over your rifle’s accuracy when it comes to home defense. Keep things simple.

Suppressor POI & Accuracy Issues: Why Do They Happen?

Accuracy with a suppressed rifle has its challenges, but there may be a reason why you aren’t hitting center.

Shot Timers & Self-Defense Training: How Much Speed Do You Need?

How much speed is possible—or necessary—to counter a violent attack?

New for 2019: Colt King Cobra Target

Building on the release of the company's King Cobra, the first .357 Mag. offering in the renewed snake-gun lineup, the King Cobra Target is designed for the range.

First Look: Axeon Optics Absolute Zero

Don't you hate spending all those rounds and extra time at the range just to zero your rifle? The Axeon Optics Absolute Zero makes one-shot zeroing fast and easy.

Using Range Rods to Check Barrel/Cylinder Alignment

Cylinder timing is just one critical aspect of a revolver's function. Checking the alignment between the barrel and the cylinder is also critical, and range rods are a must-have tool to examine this aspect of the gun.

Precision Pistol: Improving Your Technique

Trying to tighten up group sizes with your handgun? Here's how to address some of the common issues with pistol shooting, giving you more precision and an improved technique.

Skills Check: Three-Stage Security Drill

Here are some drills for security personnel and anyone else looking to sharpen their skills for speed and accuracy.

Beating the Clock: Timing & Calmness in Self-Defense

Rapid, sequential action is vital when playing Beat the Clock—for your life. Here's how timing, calmness and a cool head can help you stay alive.

Ammo Accuracy: 15 Loads in Three Different Guns

We often talk about different guns preferring different rounds, but how much variability is there really? To find out, we ran 15 different loads through three popular pistols.

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