First Look: Mec-Gar SIG Sauer P226 X5 Magazine

posted on March 6, 2019
Giving both competition shooters and other SIG Sauer handgun owners an opportunity to enhance their gun's capacity, Mec-Gar USA announced the launch of its new SIG Sauer P226 X5 magazine in 2019. This new magazine design provides two extra rounds on top of the original capacity of SIG's OEM magazine capacity, giving shooters an impressive 19 rounds on board.

Each Mec-Gar SIG Sauer P226 X5 magazine starts with a standard, 17-round magazine body, which is formed from carbon steel and heat-treated for added strength and durability. The bottom of the magazine is then finished with Mec-Gar's all-new aluminum basepad, which provides room for two more rounds on top of the 17 already in the body. This aluminum basepad is machined with a lip on the front face of the basepad, which provides a ledge for shooters to rip the magazine out of the gun, if needed. Size-wise, the Mec-Gar extended magazine does fit competition boxes, making it legal for use in many of today's action-style competitive-shooting matches.

To ensure trouble-free feeding, each Mec-Gar magazine is coated with the company's own anti-friction coating, which prevents snags and binding from occurring inside the magazine body. The coating also makes loading and unloading the magazine easier. Consistent feeding pressure is applied by a high-quality magazine spring made from Type D music wire. Numbered witness holes at the rear of the magazine body make it easy for shooters to quickly determine how many rounds are either loaded or left in the mag while shooting. All of the internal components are interlinked inside the magazine, which adds to the strength of the magazine.

In addition to competition and range shooting, the extended capacity offers added rounds for those carrying a reload for their SIG Sauer P226, allowing defensive shooters to count on a few more shots in a life-threatening scenario. Magazines are only available with a brushed-aluminum basepad, and the suggested retail price on the magazines is $64.95 each.


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