First Look: Federal Ammunition .44 Special Punch

Federal expands its popular Punch line of ammunition to include .44 Special.

posted on February 21, 2022
box of ammunition

Federal Ammunition is expanding the Federal Punch line of defensive ammunition. Since launching in 2020, Federal’s Punch has won several industry awards for its effectiveness and performance and now a .44 Special load has been added to this award-winning product line.

“We saw a need for a reliable, accurate, terminally effective option for the .44 S&W Special that doesn’t have to be the top scoring product in duty ammunition test procedures,” said Federal Handgun Ammunition Product Manager Chris Laack. “So, we looked at specifications from our Hydra-Shok Deep, HST and other bullet designs, and took what made sense for Punch. We modified the thickness of the jacket, skive depth, hollow point geometry and even differences in lead cores to build the recipe for Punch in .44 S&W Special.”

Federal Ammunition built on their three decades of knowledge to develop a new self-defense load that would provide excellent overall performance in the .44 Special chambering. This 180-grain jacketed hollow-point bullet is a great option for common self-defense scenarios, such as an extra-heavy clothing test using ballistic gel. Punch is engineered to function equally well in both revolvers and carbines chambered for this classic cartridge.

“Shooters need a simple answer to the ‘What ammo do I need for self-defense’, question,” said Laack. “Things to consider such as function, reliable ignition, barrier performance, terminal performance, ballistics and other considerations are a lot to digest for most people. What some consumers really need to know if it will function in their gun, every time, and that it will be effective at stopping a threat as quickly as possible. Punch’s .44 S&W Special is our easy answer for them.”

The job of concealed carry permit holders is different than the job of military or law enforcement, and as such, they are less concerned with factors such as barrier penetration through steel, plywood and auto glass. They are more concerned about choosing a bullet that is engineered from the ground-up to stop an attacker and work effectively in their chosen firearm, making Punch ammunition a natural choice for concealed carry.

Punch ammunition’s .44 Special Load features Federal’s high-quality brass cases, advanced powders and the sealed reliability of high-quality, sensitive primers. The new Punch option joins the .380 ACP, .38 Special+P, 9 mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP loads released in 2020.

MSRP for a box of 20 round of Federal Punch ammo in .44 Special is $35.99, and more information on this ammo and other products from Federal Ammunition is available at




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