First Look: DeSantis Veiled Partner Holster For The Walther PDP

Carry your PDP with confidence in this easy to conceal OWB holster.

posted on October 20, 2022
DeSantis PDP Holster

DeSantis Gunhide is now offering its OWB (Outside the Waistband) Kydex belt holster, the Veiled Partner, for the Walther PDP striker-fired 9mm handgun family.

The Veiled Partner is a Kydex OWB belt holster optimized for concealment as it has a hip-hugging, curved shape. It is also cant adjustable and works with either 1.5- or 1.75-inch belt loops. The Veiled Partner is available both in right and left-handed configurations. It is tension adjustable and slide mounted carry optics friendly. The DeSantis Gunhide is also available for a wide selection of semi-automatic handgun models, including the Walther PDP.

The Walther PDP lineup consists of three different 9mm striker fired handguns with either 4- or 4.5-inch barrels. Like many other modern striker-fired designs, users are able to mix and match barrels and frames together to come up with an ideal grip and slide combination. Walther designed the PDP family to include an accessory rail by default in addition to ensuring that every slide is optics ready from the factory.

In addition to this, the frame of the PDP has a forward lip that makes it easier for a shooter to track a red dot optic while they are building a proper two-handed shooting grip after they draw from their holster. The Walther PDP’s grip has a unique geometric tetrahedron pattern that provides an aggressive grip surface without unnecessary abrasiveness to skin or a shooter’s clothes. Finally, the striker trigger on these pistols has been worked over for a shorter take up or length of travel and a distinct “feel” to the breaking point of the trigger.

MSRP for the Veiled Partner holster is $66.99, and for more information on DeSantis Gunhide holsters and shooting accessories, please visit their website at For additional information on the Walther PDP handgun, please visit Walther’s website at  


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