First Look: DeSantis Slim-Tuk Holster for Glock Pistols

A kydex holster with almost unlimited adjustment options.

posted on April 2, 2022
DeSantis Slim Tuk

DeSantis Gunhide is a leading holster manufacturer for city, state and federal law enforcement agencies, the U.S. Armed Forces, as well as for hunting/sport shooting organizations around the world. DeSantis delivers a full range of holster products and accessories designed to meet or exceed the needs of their customers. 

The Slim-Tuk is an Inside The Waistband (IWB) holster fashioned from Kydex which features a minimalist, ambidextrous design. One of the more interesting features about this IWB holster is that it uses the tuckable 360 C-Clip, a DeSantis exclusive. This clip allows the wearer almost unlimited mounting options, and the hardware can easily be reversed to change from right to left. The Slim-Tuk is precision molded from sturdy Kydex sheet and features a rugged nylon clip.

The latest model of the Slim-Tuk is designed to fit compact Glock models in many different calibers. Owners of the Glock G19, G23, G32 and G45 will find that this holster is ideally suited for their pistols, no matter if they are a left or right-handed shooter. The 360 C-Clip allows for an almost infinite level of adjustment, allowing you to position the Slim-Tuk at whatever angle of height or cant that you find most comfortable. The holster also has adjustable tension, letting you choose the setting that gives you the right balance between retention and a fast, smooth draw. 

For nearly five decades, DeSantis has been developing, designing, and manufacturing some of the best gun holsters that money can buy. They pride themselves on using the best American-Premium hides and the toughest synthetics available for their holsters and accessories. Retail price for the Slim-Tuk for select Glock models is $39.99, and more information on this holster and other products is available at  


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