First Look: CZ-USA 600 Series Rifles

posted on November 19, 2021
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CZ-USA recently introduced the 600 Series, a new generation of bolt-action rifles loaded with premium features and specifically designed for multiple shooting disciplines. The rifles are built to the exacting standards that CZ is known for, and these rifles are said to deliver outstanding accuracy at an affordable price. The series includes four unique models, covering a wide range of stock materials, barrel profiles, action lengths and cartridge combinations. This includes user-friendly options like an adjustable trigger, 60-degree bolt throw and the ability to swap caliber without a gunsmith using an optional conversion kit adds utility. 

Tack-driving accuracy starts with a great barrel. The CZ 600 rifle barrels are cold hammer-forged, providing smoother, more uniform bores than other manufacturing methods. This translates into smaller groups on target downrange. As a result, select 600 Series rifles deliver 1-MOA or better accuracy at 100 m. Better yet, CZ engineers tweaked the 600 Range model's design, so that it consistently rings out an impressive 0.75-MOA accuracy using factory match-grade ammunition. All barrels are threaded and suppressor-ready so the end user can add additional accessories.

A majority of the CZ 600 offerings utilize a user-adjustable, single-stage trigger, the trail utilizes a two-stage trigger. The patented trigger adjustment allows users to customize the weight of the trigger pull without removing the chassis from the stock. The customized weight adjustments are selected on a four-position dial with trigger weights ranging from 1.3 to 3 pounds, moving over just ½ pound per click.

For the sake of reliability, CZ selected the controlled round feed design for round-cycling consistency in all situations. A quiet, two-position safety compliments this action, allowing a locked or cycling bolt with the safety on. In the field, this type of safety prevents unintentional opening. However, by depressing the bolt release you can still operate the bolt while the safety is engaged.

The new rifles also feature a 60-degree bolt throw, which is designed to increase clearance between the bolt and optic, allowing for larger scopes. In addition, it cycles considerably faster than traditional designs. All models use an oversized bolt knob for improved control with gloved hands.

Optional barrel conversion kits offer the ability to change cartridges (within the same-sized action) by swapping barrels, bolt face and magazines, without the need of a gunsmith. This lets shooters use one rifle for a wide range of shooting styles. A detachable magazine allows quick mag changes and secure magazine retention, with an optional locking feature. Magazines are designed to have the ability to be topped off through the ejection port for convenience on most models. 
The 600 series rifles include four models: Alpha, Lux, Range and Trail. The 600 Alpha is the versatile hunter's rifle. Its aluminum receiver and black soft-touch synthetic stock reduce overall weight for field use. It comes chambered in a variety of cartridges from .223 Rem. to .300 Win. Mag. 
Classic wood furniture dresses up the 600 Lux rifle. It includes a steel receiver, wooden stock with Schnabel tip, and an oversized wooden bolt knob. The Lux is chambered for four popular hunting cartridges from .223 Rem. to .300 Win. Mag. The 600 Range model is all about accuracy. In addition to the standard 600 series features, these rifles include a steel receiver, heavy barrel and laminate wood stock with a toolless height-adjustable cheekpiece. 
The CZ 600 Trail is a super lightweight rifle built with an aluminum receiver, polymer chassis and aluminum fore-end with an M-Lok interface. The Trail is chambered in .223 Rem. or 7.62x39 mm and uses AR-15 or Bren 2 magazines. It also features familiar AR-15 controls (safety and mag release). For more information, visit




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