First Look: CZ-USA 600 Lux Rifle

European heritage, sub-MOA accuracy, timeless good looks, affordable price

posted on August 8, 2022
CZ USA 600 Lux rifle

CZ-USA is announcing the addition of their “Lux” rifles to the new CZ 600 series family of centerfire bolt-action rifles. Each CZ 600 Lux is guaranteed to shoot sub-MOA groups right out of the box, in stock condition. The rifle also showcases traditional and classically styled hunting rifle features such as slimmer contoured barrels, oil-finished hardwood stocks and glossy black metal on its prominent parts (black nitride finish on barrel and receiver in this case). A nice touch found on the 600 Lux rifles is the wooden oversize knob on their bolt handles for both looks and practicality when shooting with gloved hands in colder weather.

These bolt action rifles are also equipped with an adjustable leaf sight and have a hooded bladed front sight. The 600 Lux’s receiver is also drilled and tapped for Remington 700-pattern bases. The oil-finished walnut stock which beds this action features a gently sloped comb to aid in aligning the shooters face and eyes with the sights while also providing a solid cheek weld. Both the fore-end and the wrist of the stock feature a coarse fish-scale-style checkering. Cartridge ignition is provided by a single-stage adjustable trigger and cartridges are cycled by modern controlled-feed action with a 60-degree bolt throw ensuring enough space between the action being cycled and any optic that might crown this rifle’s receiver.

Like many of the great traditional bolt action rifles of yesteryear, the CZ 600 Lux can also be individually topped off with ammunition without having to remove the magazine. Barrels for the 600 Lux can range between 20 and 24 inches, depending on caliber selection. The muzzle is cut and threaded with 15x1 metric threads, which means this rifle can be used as a suppressor host out of the box. Barrels are profiled in a light contour since this rifle is designed for the field. 

The CZ 600 Lux rifle is currently offered in four different centerfire cartridge options: .223 Remington, .308 Winchester, .30-'06 Springfield, and .300 Winchester Magnum. Retail pricing for CZ 600 Lux rifles begins at $850. For additional information concerning caliber options, barrel lengths, action sizes and other options, please visit CZ-USA’s website at


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