First Look: CMC Triggers PCC Drop-In Trigger

posted on September 1, 2018
With a track record of success in providing enhanced drop-in triggers for AR-15s and .308 Win.-caliber ARs, CMC Triggers is now providing drop-in trigger units designed to enhance the performance of today's popular pistol-caliber carbines. This self-contained unit is purpose-built to work with many of today's PCC designs, and the simple, self-contained unit can be produced quickly and easily, lowering the cost of the product for the consumer and making installation a breeze.

Two different single-stage triggers are offered in the CMC PCC trigger lineup, one with a classic, curved trigger bow and the other with a flat trigger bow. Other than these differences, which are a matter of preference for the end user, the trigger are designed to provide a crisp, clean pull with added reliability, since the triggers are built to work with 9 mm PCC platforms, thanks to modified hammer dimensions that provide sure ignition.

Each trigger is machined from a combination of 8620 alloy steel and S7 tool steel, and CMC Triggers uses a special machining process that produces a smoother surface finish on the engagement points in each trigger assembly. Finish smoothness on metal surfaces can be measured in terms of the Root Mean Square of a surface area, calculated by measuring the peaks and valleys found on a machined surface. The smoothest possible surface, for example a mirror, measures 0 RMS. For comparison, a traditional wire-EDM-cut surface produces an RMS measured at 32 RMS. Thanks to the proprietary processes developed by CMC, the finish on its engagement surfaces measures in at 1 to 2 RMS. This provides the best possible trigger pull with a clean, glass-like break that allows for more-accurate rounds to be put downrange.

An added benefit found in the CMC Triggers PCC Trigger is the inclusion of an all-new lock design that incorporates a controlled, balanced hammer weight that's put into play by a dependable, repeatable rocket-wire hammer spring that provides reliable function across all brands of ammo. The trigger is sized to fit into all standard AR-15 lower receivers and ships with the company's anti-walk pins that secure the assembly into place inside the receiver. Trigger-pull weight is set at 3.5 pounds and is non-adjustable. The suggested retail price on the CMC Triggers PCC Trigger is $189.99.


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