Sheriff Jim Wilson

Trigger Finger Discipline

It's called RULE Number Three, not Guideline Number Three.

Five Great Aftermarket Glock Triggers

Sometimes, even perfection could use a little help.

Skills Check: The Compass Drill

North, South, East, West; keep practicing to shoot your best.

Rule #3: The Golden Rule

They're called the rules of gun safety, not the suggestions, not the guidelines.

Is There Still A Place For The Single Action Pistol?

Just because single-action, semi-automatic technology is more than a century old doesn’t necessarily mean it’s outdated.

Creep Control

Keep a steady hold on your gun as you move the trigger.

As The Wheelgun Turns…

Here are some tips on managing the double-action revolver for personal defense.

I Carry: CZ-USA P07 In A JM Custom Kydex AIWB Holster

We team up the CZ USA P07 with a JM Custom Kydex holster and an easy way to carry a tourniquet on your body.

Gear Up: IWI US Tavor SAR Accessories

The original Tavor is likely the best-selling bullpup of all time, and as a result, a robust aftermarket exists for parts to improve upon the base design.

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