First Look: Aguila Ammunition 5.56 NATO Bulk Pack

posted on January 27, 2019
To cut down on packaging costs in an effort to get consumers bulk ammunition at the lowest price possible in 2019, Aguila Ammunition announced the rollout of the company's 5.56 NATO Bulk Pack. The new pack will provide 300 rounds of popular 5.56 NATO plinking ammunition to fans of the AR-15 and other platforms chambered for the round.

“If there is a way to meet the needs of our customers, we try to do exactly that,” said John Domolky, director of sales for TxAT, the U.S. importer of Aguila Ammunition. “For the shooting sports enthusiast especially, it's important to stock up on ammunition. Buying in bulk tends to be more convenient.”

Each package of Aguila Ammunition 5.56 NATO features a 55-grain, Full Metal Jacket Boattail round. The projectile, when fired from a 24-inch barrel, is designed to produce a muzzle velocity of 3,260 fps and a 100-yard recorded velocity of 2,929 fps. The boattail design of the bullet aims to enhance accuracy and consistent grouping for precision shooters and hunters alike. Muzzle energy is recorded at 1,298 foot-pounds for the round.

“Right now, you can expect to find our bulk packaging at Academy, Brownell's, Sportsman's Warehouse, Turner's Outdoorsman, Atwood's Farm & Ranch, Midway USA and many other retailers that carry the Aguila Ammunition product line," Domolky said. “We plan to expand the bulk packaging to other products in the near future.”

Aguila Ammunition also noted that the company plans to continue selling its 62-grain option in the already-existing 50-round pack. The suggested retail price for the 5.56 NATO 300-round bulk pack is $119.99.


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