A Chat With The Ladies

posted on November 1, 2013
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You guys who are reading this can all take a hike because I want to talk to the ladies. Oh well, maybe you guys who carry a purse can stick around because that is what we are going to discuss.

I know that a lot of manufacturers have gone to a good bit of trouble to design purses with pistol pockets. While these are quite innovative, they are really not very practical for concealed carry. You see, when crooks attack women, there is usually only one of two things that they are after. Your purse is one of those things.

The typical attack for the purse will nearly always come from behind. The crook closes rapidly, grabs the purse and knocks you down. In a flash, he can be gone with your purse and your defensive handgun. Trust me, this is never a good thing.

It is a far better idea for women to carry their defensive handgun on their person, just as men do. The trouble is, women's fashions are rarely as compatible with concealed carry as men's clothes are. Ladies, you are just going to have to get more innovative in selecting your clothes, your holsters and your carry style.

I know a number of women who find an inside-the-waistband holster works well for them. You simply wear a loose-fitting blouse or sweater without tucking it in and situate the holster in front of your hip bone, not behind it. But there are other choices, too. Belly bands, marketed by several companies, also work well for women because they are not attached to the clothing at all. Shoulder holsters, fanny packs and ankle holsters may also have something to offer for women's concealment. Heck, there is even a small holster that attaches to the bra!

One of the worst things a woman can do is to ask advice from the male sales clerk at the local gun store. You are far better off getting advice from female police officers and other women who have carried a defensive handgun for some time. Work out your technique, try some different holsters, and carry on your person. A purse can be a wonderful and impressive fashion statement, but it makes a very poor container for your defensive handgun.


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