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Straight Talk: Resolving Conflict

Being an adult is hard, but it’s not as hard as making irreparable decisions.

The Newhall Incident Revisited

Learning from a tragic moment in American law enforcement history.

More Thoughts On The Defensive Shotgun

Good training and good technique makes the scattergun even more effective.

The Ammo Question

How much ammo should you carry on a regular basis? That's a darn good question...

Defensive Learning

Does your firearms training need to have experience under fire?

Watching Their Hands and Making Decisions

Ok, so there's a threat in front of you, and things are getting ugly. Now what?

What Is The Best Defensive Technique?

There are many paths to mastery. Only one of them is yours.

Making The Right Moves

It's a simple concept: Moving targets are harder to hit.

The Winning Combination

Having the desire to stay safe is great. Having the means and the skills is even better. 

Learn to Communicate

No man (or woman) is an island, especially in a defensive encounter.

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