5 Must-Have Products for Your Concealed-Carry Revolver

posted on August 8, 2017

For those who choose to use a concealed-carry revolver, selecting the right gun with the right accessories is imperative. In contrast to semi-automatic pistols, revolvers are limited in terms of ammunition capacity and reload speed. While these can be detrimental in the wrong situation, users can combat these shortcomings by putting together an optimum concealed-carry revolver kit and practicing often with it. Here are five must-have products that can improve your concealed-carry setup:

Barami Hip-Grip

Eliminate the need for a holster with the Barami Hip-Grip. An extension on the right panel flares slightly away from your concealed-carry revolver frame, creating a tab that hooks over your belt or waistband when an alternate form of concealed carry is called for. They are available in black, brown or white and for a variety of wheelguns including Colt, Rossi, Charter Arms, Taurus and Smith & Wesson. MSRP: $19.95 baramihipgrip.com

Apex Tactical Specialties J-Frame Duty/Carry Spring Kit

Apex Tactical Specialties J-frame Duty/Carry Spring Kit makes the quintessential Smith & Wesson carry revolver even more applicable for self-defense. Designed to enhance your revolver for concealed carry with drop-in ease, the new parts require no fitting or modification. Just remove the factory parts and install the new ones to reduce the pull weight from the factory’s awkward 12 pounds to a more manageable 9-pound pull. MSRP: $25.95 apextactical.com

Bianchi Speed Strips

Made from a flexible urethane material, Bianchi Speed Strips are a compact loading device for concealed-carry revolvers that securely hold up to six rounds of revolver ammunition and conveniently allow users to top off wheelguns two rounds at a time. Speed Strips fit in most single-magazine/knife pouches and in a trouser or shirt pocket, and are offered in.38 Spl./.357 Mag. and .44- and .45-caliber rounds. Two strips come in each package. MSRP: $9 safariland.com

Galco Hornet Holster

Constructed of premium steerhide, the Galco Hornet Holster features a tunnel-style belt loop mated with a belt slot, resulting in superb stability on the belt. A slight butt-rearward cant facilitates an easy draw from either the increasingly popular appendix position or crossdraw, while the open top makes presentation fast and simple. MSRP: $69.95 galcogunleather.com

Streamlight Keymate USB Ultra-Compact Hands-Free Area Light

For those who subscribe to the “two is one and one is none” philosophy of redundant forms of illumination for personal protection, the Streamlight Keymate USB Ultra-Compact, Hands-Free Area Light offers an extra light source that could be handy in a pinch. The size and shape of a traditional car key, the Keymate features a bright white light capable of three output modes: low, high and emergency flash. It is powered by a rechargeable battery that charges via a USB cable. MSRP: $28 streamlight.com


ammo on paper target
ammo on paper target

Controlled Chaos Bullets

There’s no such thing as the perfect bullet, but Controlled Chaos bullets come pretty close.

Having The Goods In The Woods

The world has always been a dangerous place and that has escalated during the COVID pandemic. Fewer people are working and more people are venturing into the great outdoors.

First Look: New Inside the Waistband Holsters from Safariland

The first in a new line of holsters from Safariland designed from the ground up for concealed carry.

Knife Defense Techniques For Armed Citizens

Having a defensive knife in addition to your defensive pistol is good. Knowing the knife defense techniques to use it well is even better. 

First Look: Vang Comp/Symtac 870 Shotgun

A customized tactical scattergun created in conjunction with a top firearm-training company.

First Look: Beretta 92X Performance Carry Optics Pistol

A new, competition-oriented version of a classic Beretta design.


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