2020 Holiday Gift Guide

posted on November 15, 2020

Looking for the perfect gift for the firearm enthusiast in your life? We’ve got you covered. Whether your budget is slightly more than a couple of bucks or you’re looking to spend your entire stimulus check, there’s something in this guide that will make any gun guy or gal happy this holiday season.

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Gifts Under $22

Gifts Under $22

1 | Hogue, Inc.

Wrapter Adhesive Firearm Grips
Hogue’s new Wrapter adhesive grips are designed to solve the problem posed by slippery polymer-frame pistols. Precision-cut appliques of adhesive-backed, rubbery material are applied to the pistol and set with heat. The super-thin grips enhance purchase without changing your normal hold, yet can be removed with no adhesive residue. $14.95; hogueinc.com

2 | Sportdog
Locator Beacon
Quickly attaching to your dog’s .75- or 1-inch collar strap with a carabiner, the Locator Beacon helps you keep tabs on your pet in the darkest night. Chose solid or blinking light modes and the silent, waterproof beacon will continually reveal you dog’s location. It’s available in several colors. $14.95; sportdog.com

3 | Wheeler
Delta Series Carbon Multiscraper
This tiny tool fits inside an AR’s pistol grip and is designed to scrape carbon off of the vital parts of a bolt-carrier group. Perfect for field work or in the shop, it’s unobtrusive and easy to use, making it a great tool to have handy. $21.99; wheelertools.com

4 | Bear & Son
Aluminum Slip Joint Model 109
An ideal utility knife for everyday use, the Slip Joint sports an aluminum handle and a high-carbon, stainless steel, 1.5-inch drop-point blade. Weighing only 1 ounce, it is a true pocket knife that will last a lifetime. $19.99; bearandsoncutlery.com

5 | Deflector Brake
Deflector Brake
Spare both the finish on the upper receiver of your AR-15 and your brass at the same time with the Deflector Brake. One package offers coverage for an estimated 6,000 rounds. $17.99/pack of four; deflectorbrake.com

6 | Nine Line Apparel
USA Neck Gaiter
Whether you opt to use it as a face covering to reduce the spread of germs, as a head band, a neck cover or any other use, this versatile garment allows you to proudly put your patriotism on full display. $19.99; ninelineapparel.com

7 | Tri-Flow Lubricants
Tri-Flow Drip Bottle
Sized to fit conveniently in your gun case, bug-out bag or tackle box, Tri-Flow’s 2-ounce Drip Bottle is there when you need it. The light, penetrating lubricant has a working temperature range of -60 to 475 degrees Fahrenheit and is enhanced with PTFE. A convenient straw delivers pinpoint application for lubricating and cleaning, and for displacing water. $7.95; triflowlubricants.com

8 | MTM Case Gard
Side-Slide Pistol Ammo Box
Available for multiple calibers, MTM’s latest, inexpensive, 50-round ammo box features a side-sliding lid, allowing shooters to select or quickly tip out precisely the right number of cartridges. The lid releases with one touch and is completely removable. $2.56; mtmcase-gard.com

9 | ArachniGrip
RDOS Slide Spider
For those who need a little help in racking their pistol’s slide, ArachniGrip’s Slide Spider offers a textured section that aids in purchase, and is now available for select pistols with red-dot sights mounted. $19.99; arachnigrip.com

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Gifts $22 to $39.99

Gifts $22 to $39.99

1 | Hoppe’s
Black Universal Gun Cleaning System
This kit contains everything needed to maintain most common tactical firearms. In addition to gun cleaner and oil, there is a three-piece aluminum rod as well as jags and phosphor bronze brushes for 9 mm, .22- and .30-caliber barrels and phosphor bronze brushes for 20- and 12-gauge shotguns. All gear stows in a reusable case. $35.95; hoppes.com

2 | Tasmanian Tiger
TT Modular Hip Bag
With three pockets—one with a hook-and-loop section to which a number of accessories can attach—the TT Modular Hip bag can hold all the gear you need while enjoying an active, outdoor lifestyle. $39.95; tasmaniantigerusa.com

3 | TekMat
AR-15 Ultra Premium Gun Cleaning Mat
The perfect surface for cleaning your guns, this padded mat is a quarter-inch thick to cushion small drops and has an oil-resistant surface for durability through thousands of cleanings. Best of all, it conveniently lists all of the parts of an AR-15, so you can keep track of your work. $29.99; tekmat.com

4 | Lansky
Lansky’s new D-Sharp pocket sharpener incorporates four sharpening angles (17, 20, 25 and 30 degrees) in 600-grit diamond pull-throughs. Moreover, there is an 800-grit ceramic mini-bench stone that will accommodate fine polishing and serrated edges. The metal-cased D-Sharp is compatible with all Lanky Controlled Angle Systems. $25.99; lansky.com

5 | Magpul
DAKA Takeout Bag
Looking for a weather-resistant, nearly indestructible case for tools, cleaning components or a first aid kit? Magpul’s new DAKA Takeout bag features reinforced polymer fabric, YKK aqua-guard zipper and a buckle that doubles as a carrying handle. $29.95; magpul.com

6 | Ulfhednar
UH105 Rear Bag “Squeezy”
For the long-range enthusiast out there who has almost everything, a rear bag that can be molded into a multitude of shapes sure beats a sock filled with beans. Four inches long and 3 inches in diameter, the “Squeezy” will be a hit with the precision shooter on your list. $30; ulfhednar.no

7 | Armaspec
Rhino R-23 Tactical Magwell Grip and Funnel
A multi-purpose accessory for the MSR owner, the Rhino R-23 easily attaches to your AR-pattern rifle to offer enhanced controllability and faster magazine changes. Available colors include Black, OD Green, Grey and FDE. $22; armaspec.com

8 | Premier Body Armor
Bulletproof Koozie
The Premier Body Armor Bulletproof Koozie protects what’s really important: your frosty, canned beverage. Made from the same material as Level II soft body armor, this koozie will keep your drink cold and safe from ballistic trauma (we don’t recommend testing that at home, but it will). $29.99; premierbodyarmor.com

9 | Fisher Space Pen
338 Cartridge Space Pen
Made with an actual .338 Lapua Mag. case as its body, this ballpoint pen will show off a love for firearms combined with the ability to write upside down for which Fisher Space Pens are famous. $36.50; spacepen.com

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gifts $40 to $69.99

Gifts $40 to $69.99

1 | Ring’s Manufacturing

Molded to match a wide range of actual firearms, Blueguns are ideal training tools. Fabricated from steel-reinforced polyurethane with remarkably precise detail—and completely inert—they offer the size and contours of a real gun, with the assured safety of the internationally recognized “Law Enforcement Blue” color. $51.75; blueguns.com

2 | Posi-Lum
A virtually indestructible means of actuating your weaponlight’s tailcap switch, the all-aluminum FireTail contains only three moving parts and adds the ergonomic benefits of a switchpad, without having to worry about melted or tangled wires. $64.99; fire-tail.com

3 | ASP
Safety Set
This kit of useful, less-lethal self-defense tools consists of Defender OC Pepper Spray, an intense whistle to call for help and an ultra-bright, Sapphire USB-rechargeable flashlight. All items are on a convenient break-away lanyard and are available in multiple colors. $60; asp-usa.com

4 | Pelican
1170 Protector Case
Whether transporting your compact handgun or other valuable items, Pelican’s water-, crush- and dust-resistant case keeps your gear safe from the elements while Pick-N-Pluck foam cradles against bumps and dings. $49.95; pelican.com

5 | Blackhawk
P.A.T.R.O.L. Barricade Gloves
A combination of comfort and protection, these neoprene gloves are constructed of flexible, form-fitting neoprene for enhanced flexibility and dexterity. The palms are reinforced with SpectraGuard to provide moderate defense from shallow cuts and broken glass. $45.95; blackhawk.com

6 | National Rifle Association Membership
Give your friends and family the gift of freedom. Membership comes with copious benefits, including a membership card, a choice of monthly magazine (we suggest Shooting Illustrated, of course) and the knowledge you’re helping to protect our Second Amendment rights. $45; membership.nra.org

7 | GrovTec
Tri-Base Buffer Tube Sling Mount
Quick-disconnect mounts make adding slings to your carbine simple. GrovTec’s two-piece, ingenious mount allows a three-position QD mount to fit on any carbine with a mil-spec buffer tube. $47; grovtec.com

8 | Hornady
Handbook of Cartridge Reloading 10th Edition
Packed with more than 1,000 pages of loading data, techniques and vital information on assorted projectiles, the latest edition of this must-have manual contains 200-plus calibers that feature myriad loads using Hornady bullets. It includes new powders and projectiles, too. $43.93; hornady.com

9 | Real Avid
Gun Tool AMP
Carbon scrapers, bits and bit holders, a bit driver and a blade make the AMP a must-have EDC item. Models are available for the AR-15, 1911 and generic handguns, and each is small enough to fit in a range bag, tool kit or even a large pocket. $69.99; realavid.com

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Gifts $70 to $139,99

Gifts $70 to $139.99

1 | Elastic Precision

MP5 Rubber Band Machine Gun
Love the iconic Heckler & Koch MP5 but don’t happen to have a spare $50K for a real one? Elastic Precision’s all-wood variant fires rubber bands at a somewhat slower rate, but comes with 100 bands to beat the ammo shortage. $129.95; elasticprecision.com

2 | Vaultek
LifePod Sandstone Special Edition
Vaultek has introduced a unique version of its popular, waterproof LifePod portable vault. This one features a fabric lanyard, manual keys, crate foam, 4-foot steel cable and pluck foam for a custom fit. That is in addition to the built-in lock system, touch-activated keypad, dual side-compression latches and 9-volt battery power with USB backup. $139.99; vaulteksafe.com

3 | Howard Leight
Impact Sport Electronic Muff
Amplify what you need to hear while reducing loud sounds like gunfire to a hearing-safe level with these electronic earmuffs. The new Honor Collection sports finishes to honor America, our first responders and our military. $70; howardleightshootingsports.com

4 | Warne Scope Mounts
Vapor MSR Mount
Warne’s new Vapor line of scope mounts offers the company’s legendary reliability and durability at a price most can afford. Constructed of 6061 aluminum and available in a number of configurations, this mount is designed for AR-15-style eye-relief height. $94.99; warnescopemounts.com

5 | XS Sights
XTI2 DXS Offset Rifle Sights
For those who insist on having backup sights on all rifles, XS Sights’ XTI2 offset sights offer a 45-degree offset front and rear sights that use one Picatinny slot each and add only 5 ounces to your rifle. $137.99; xssights.com

6 | Lockdown
The Puck
It might look like a simple flattened cube, but The Puck is actually an advanced electronic security device that pairs with a smartphone to ensure you can always be aware of doors opening, temperature and humidity changes and even slight movement of the device. $109.99; lockdown.com

7 | Wilson Combat
Target Plate Scorable Silhouette
Made from 38-inch-thick AR500 armor-plate steel, this heavy-duty, rifle-rated target will withstand long-term impacts. Two circular scoring areas (a 7-inch body and 4-inch head zones) are laser cut to allow for easy tabulation, without the need for temporary paint rings. $99.95; wilsoncombat.com

8 | Blue Force Gear
Trauma NOW Medical Kit
Packed with basic first aid essentials and life-saving gear like a tourniquet, compression bandage and room to add more, the pack can attach to any range bag, backpack or bug-out bag to keep a solid first-aid kit handy. $119.95; blueforcegear.com

9 | Choate Machine & Tool
Night Manager
Looking to add a light or laser to your Mossberg 500 or Maverick 88? Choate Machine & Tool’s Night Manager attaches to the end of the magazine tube and offers four positions to mount an included section of Picatinny rail. $97.77; riflestock.com

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Gifts $140 and up

Gifts $140 and Up

1 | Camp Chef

Portable Flattop Grill 600
Want to be the hero at the next group range session? Bring along the Camp Chef Portable Flattop Grill 600 and cook up to two dozen pancakes, hamburgers or other favorites. Folding legs let you tailgate or cook upright, while four burners feed propane from a standard 20-pound tank. $440; campchef.com

2 | Leupold
Tracer FDE Sunglasses
Ballistic protection, multiple lenses that interchange quickly and easily and weather-resistant coating are all part of the Leupold Tracer protective eyewear system. The wraparound style offers safety on the range while polarized lenses guard against UV rays. $234.99; leupold.com

3 | Skyline Toolworks
Woodman’s Pal
A unique, multi-purpose tool for managing brush or clearing trails, the Woodman’s Pal is invaluable for opening/maintaining paths and shooting lanes. The light, well-balanced, American-made tool should also have a place in your survival kit. It comes with a deluxe leather sheath, a reprint of the tool’s original 1941 owner’s manual and its own sharpening stone. $175; woodmanspal.com

4 | SureFire
Stiletto Pro Flashlight
Offering up to 1,000 lumens, three power levels and two different activations options, the SureFire Stiletto Pro is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet can light the way for up to 23.5 hours. $229; surefire.com

5 | McMillan USA
Z-Series Stock
McMillan’s universal inlet accommodates most Remington actions and barrel contours with no modification. An ergonomic grip and built-in thumb shelf foster optimal hand placement for added comfort and maximum trigger control, and this loaded stock includes a bipod rail, check piece and spacer system. $700; mcmillanusa.com

6 | Nighthawk Custom
Drop-In Trigger System (DTS)
Upgrade your 1911’s trigger without costly gunsmith fees or leaving your home. The DTS boasts a monolithic design that simultaneously replaces your gun’s existing hammer, hammer strut, sear, sear spring and disconnector, resulting in a crisp 3.5- to 3.75-pound pull. $299.99; nighthawkcustom.com

7 | Rival Arms
Faction Series G19 Kit
With everything you need to upgrade your Gen4 Glock G19 apart from the serialized frame, the Faction Series kit includes a spiral-fluted, match-grade barrel, a slide cut for a Trijicon RMR or Docter optic along with lightening cuts and forward serrations, a flared mag well and a slide-finishing kit. All of the visible parts sport a distressed Cerakote finish. $981.99; rival-arms.com

8 | Grey Man Tactical
Vehicle Rifle Rack
Carrying gear inside your vehicle just got a lot simpler. Grey Man Tactical’s Vehicle Rifle Rack is a heavy-duty, rigid-polymer panel that attaches to your car or truck seat and offers a nearly endless variety of ways to attach rifles, handguns, pouches and other gear to keep handy and safely stowed. $250; greymantactical.com

9 | Garmin
Tactix Delta Solar Edition with Ballistics
Possibly the smartest of smartwatches, the new Tactix Delta from Garmin offers 24-day battery life with solar assistance, GPS coordinates and topographical maps, night-vision compatibilities and even a ballistic calculator for the long-range enthusiast on your list. $1,399.99; garmin.com


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