2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts $40 to $69.99

posted on November 3, 2020
Looking for the perfect gift for the firearm enthusiast in your life? We’ve got you covered. Whether your budget is slightly more than a couple of bucks or you’re looking to spend your entire stimulus check, there’s something in this guide that will make any gun guy or gal happy this holiday season.

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gifts $40 to $69.99

1 | Ring’s Manufacturing
Molded to match a wide range of actual firearms, Blueguns are ideal training tools. Fabricated from steel-reinforced polyurethane with remarkably precise detail—and completely inert—they offer the size and contours of a real gun, with the assured safety of the internationally recognized “Law Enforcement Blue” color. $51.75; blueguns.com

2 | Posi-Lum
A virtually indestructible means of actuating your weaponlight’s tailcap switch, the all-aluminum FireTail contains only three moving parts and adds the ergonomic benefits of a switchpad, without having to worry about melted or tangled wires. $64.99; fire-tail.com

3 | ASP
Safety Set
This kit of useful, less-lethal self-defense tools consists of Defender OC Pepper Spray, an intense whistle to call for help and an ultra-bright, Sapphire USB-rechargeable flashlight. All items are on a convenient break-away lanyard and are available in multiple colors. $60; asp-usa.com

4 | Pelican
1170 Protector Case
Whether transporting your compact handgun or other valuable items, Pelican’s water-, crush- and dust-resistant case keeps your gear safe from the elements while Pick-N-Pluck foam cradles against bumps and dings. $49.95; pelican.com

5 | Blackhawk
P.A.T.R.O.L. Barricade Gloves
A combination of comfort and protection, these neoprene gloves are constructed of flexible, form-fitting neoprene for enhanced flexibility and dexterity. The palms are reinforced with SpectraGuard to provide moderate defense from shallow cuts and broken glass. $45.95; blackhawk.com

6 | National Rifle Association Membership
Give your friends and family the gift of freedom. Membership comes with copious benefits, including a membership card, a choice of monthly magazine (we suggest Shooting Illustrated, of course) and the knowledge you’re helping to protect our Second Amendment rights. $45; membership.nra.org

7 | GrovTec
Tri-Base Buffer Tube Sling Mount
Quick-disconnect mounts make adding slings to your carbine simple. GrovTec’s two-piece, ingenious mount allows a three-position QD mount to fit on any carbine with a mil-spec buffer tube. $47; grovtec.com

8 | Hornady
Handbook of Cartridge Reloading 10th Edition
Packed with more than 1,000 pages of loading data, techniques and vital information on assorted projectiles, the latest edition of this must-have manual contains 200-plus calibers that feature myriad loads using Hornady bullets. It includes new powders and projectiles, too. $43.93; hornady.com

9 | Real Avid
Gun Tool AMP
Carbon scrapers, bits and bit holders, a bit driver and a blade make the AMP a must-have EDC item. Models are available for the AR-15, 1911 and generic handguns, and each is small enough to fit in a range bag, tool kit or even a large pocket. $69.99; realavid.com



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