2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts Under $22

posted on October 29, 2020

Looking for the perfect gift for the firearm enthusiast in your life? We’ve got you covered. Whether your budget is slightly more than a couple of bucks or you’re looking to spend your entire stimulus check, there’s something in this guide that will make any gun guy or gal happy this holiday season.

1 | Hogue, Inc. 
Wrapter Adhesive Firearm Grips
Hogue’s new Wrapter adhesive grips are designed to solve the problem posed by slippery polymer-frame pistols. Precision-cut appliques of adhesive-backed, rubbery material are applied to the pistol and set with heat. The super-thin grips enhance purchase without changing your normal hold, yet can be removed with no adhesive residue. $14.95; hogueinc.com 

2 | Sportdog
Locator Beacon
Quickly attaching to your dog’s .75- or 1-inch collar strap with a carabiner, the Locator Beacon helps you keep tabs on your pet in the darkest night. Chose solid or blinking light modes and the silent, waterproof beacon will continually reveal you dog’s location. It’s available in several colors. $14.95; sportdog.com

3 | Wheeler
Delta Series Carbon Multiscraper
This tiny tool fits inside an AR’s pistol grip and is designed to scrape carbon off of the vital parts of a bolt-carrier group. Perfect for field work or in the shop, it’s unobtrusive and easy to use, making it a great tool to have handy. $21.99; wheelertools.com

4 | Bear & Son
Aluminum Slip Joint Model 109
An ideal utility knife for everyday use, the Slip Joint sports an aluminum handle and a high-carbon, stainless steel, 1.5-inch drop-point blade. Weighing only 1 ounce, it is a true pocket knife that will last a lifetime. $19.99; bearandsoncutlery.com

5 | Deflector Brake
Deflector Brake
Spare both the finish on the upper receiver of your AR-15 and your brass at the same time with the Deflector Brake. One package offers coverage for an estimated 6,000 rounds. $17.99/pack of four; deflectorbrake.com

6 | Nine Line Apparel
USA Neck Gaiter
Whether you opt to use it as a face covering to reduce the spread of germs, as a head band, a neck cover or any other use, this versatile garment allows you to proudly put your patriotism on full display. $19.99; ninelineapparel.com

7 | Tri-Flow Lubricants
Tri-Flow Drip Bottle
Sized to fit conveniently in your gun case, bug-out bag or tackle box, Tri-Flow’s 2-ounce Drip Bottle is there when you need it. The light, penetrating lubricant has a working temperature range of -60 to 475 degrees Fahrenheit and is enhanced with PTFE. A convenient straw delivers pinpoint application for lubricating and cleaning, and for displacing water. $7.95; triflowlubricants.com 

8 | MTM Case Gard
Side-Slide Pistol Ammo Box
Available for multiple calibers, MTM’s latest, inexpensive, 50-round ammo box features a side-sliding lid, allowing shooters to select or quickly tip out precisely the right number of cartridges. The lid releases with one touch and is completely removable. $2.56; mtmcase-gard.com

9 | ArachniGrip
RDOS Slide Spider
For those who need a little help in racking their pistol’s slide, ArachniGrip’s Slide Spider offers a textured section that aids in purchase, and is now available for select pistols with red-dot sights mounted. $19.99; arachnigrip.com


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