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First Look: Gerber Crisis Hook Knife

First Look: Gerber Crisis Hook Knife

When it comes to the subject of personal protection, most people think of handguns, knives, OC spray and other items designed to be carried on their person. Such items are kept close at hand, generally to be deployed quickly in the face of a potential threat. But, not all effective personal-protection knives are designed for combat against bipedal aggressors. The Gerber Crisis Hook knife is designed to protect you from another sort of life-threatening scenario: vehicle extraction in the aftermath of an automobile accident.

Most people feel pretty safe traveling in a vehicle. After all, when behind the wheel, you’re separated from the dangers of outside world by several tons of steel (slightly less than 3,000 pounds for a car and 5,000 pounds for an SUV) Then there’s added protective measures like the shatterproof glass, seatbelts, airbags and automatic door locks. Most modern automobiles have started to include new safety features like blind spot warning systems, forward-collision alerts and automatic braking.

Add in lane-departure warnings and assist
 to the list of impressive-sounding features the guy at the dealership told you would make your car the safest on the road. Problem is, eventually all such technological advantages can potentially fail--or, simply, someone else with a car devoid of these features pays more attention to their cellular device than the road and hits you. When the worst happens, drivers may be faced with the need to rapidly vacate the vehicle.

When danger strikes, the Gerber Crisis Hook Knife is a must-have addition for your car. The hook in its slightly more than 8-inch fixed, 420SC stainless steel blade has a single-bevel edge with a blunt hook that easily cuts through seatbelts, cord and rope. Thanks to its blunt tip and elongated profile, those being rescued need not fear injury. An integral glass-breaker is located in the pommel portion of its skeletonized handle. MSRP: $33; gerbergear.com

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