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Review: Spectre Sarah McCree Holster

Review: Spectre Sarah McCree Holster

Sometimes there is more to the story behind a holster design than simply trying to be innovative and different to stand out among a crowded field. It’s more than the type of materials used or a new retention device that holds the gun in a new and unique way. When the holster design goes beyond the physical gun carrier and takes on a life of its own, it’s time to stand up and take notice.

Such is the case with the Deputy Sarah McCree OWB holster from Spectre Holsters, a small-town operation in rural eastern Missouri. McCree’s name might not ring a bell, but she was injured in a traffic accident while on patrol as a member of the Texas County Sheriff’s Department in April 2018 when she was hit from behind by a vehicle traveling nearly 80 mph. Little did she realize at the time of the accident how much damage had been done to her body, far beyond simple whiplash. Over the next year, medical bills mounted and the not-for-profit Police Officers Angel Foundation stepped up to help her.

In partnership with Nine Line Apparel, Specter created a design artwork called “Unbroken” to symbolize McCree’s bodily injuries. The Gen2 “Unbroken” holster features this artwork on the front and a blue line and star field on the back.

The Gen2 starts with a .08-inch thick, two-piece Kydex shell held together by two screws on each side that double as the 1.75-inch hard rubber belt slide mounts. The rear screws double as retention adjustment, with rubber spacers between the shell pieces.

To aid in better concealment, the hard rubber slides are mounted as tight-to-the-body wings, minimizing the print and increasing comfort. The one I tried was super easy to install and felt great on the belt all day long. The gun drew and reholstered smoothly with an audible click when the gun went back in.

The Gen2 holster is available for a limited number of guns at present but owner Steve Cleverly told me they are expanding the line and can get ahold of a mold for pretty much any semi-automatic and revolver on the market. The holster comes in righty and lefty versions.

At $89.99, the Spectre Sarah McCree OWB holster is right in line with many of its competitors pricewise. And the best part? Proceeds go directly to the Police Officers Angel Foundation to support wounded law enforcement with their medical expenses.

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