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First Look: Norma Envy 9mm PCC Ammunition

First Look: Norma Envy 9mm PCC Ammunition

With the introduction of guns like the Ruger PC Carbine, an NRA Publications Golden Bullseye Award winner reviewed here, as well as other affordable pistol-caliber carbines on the market, PCC competitions are a growing sport across the country. To feed these low-recoil, flat-shooting guns used in these fast-paced competitive arenas, Norma Ammunition developed its Envy 9mm line of ammunition optimized for optimum feeding, function and accuracy out of these longer-barreled nines.

“ENVY is the choice ammunition for extrapolating the utmost accuracy out of a pistol caliber carbine,” said Paul Lemke, general manager for RUAG Ammotec USA. “The growing popularity of PCCs extends out to both competition matches and just general fun at the range. When you can now expect groups of less than an inch at 50 yards, ENVY makes shooting PCCs that much more fun.”

The development of Norma Envy 9mm PCC ammunition developed out of a call from consumers for purpose-built target loads designed particularly for pistol-caliber carbines. Though most PCCs on the market have few issues feeding for functioning fine with traditional 9mm FMJ ammo, these loads are typically optimized for 9mm handguns, for obvious reasons. However, a growing number of PCC shooters asked for a fine-tuned target round that would enhance their PCC's performance at the range, and the Norma Envy load was born.

Each Norma Envy 9mm round is loaded with a 124-grain FMJ bullet, which features a ballistic coefficient of 0.175. The published factory muzzle velocity is 1,345 fps, producing 504 foot-pounds of energy. In the production process, particular attention was paid to the tolerances for each loaded round, with more-uniform bullet designs and tighter standards for each component involved in manufacturing.

Boxes of Norma Envy 9mm ammunition hold 50 rounds each, and the suggested retail price on each box is $13.01.

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