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First Look: Silent Legion .300 Norma Mag. Suppressor

First Look: Silent Legion .300 Norma Mag. Suppressor

While many long-range shooters are familiar with the .300 Win. Mag., another .30-caliber long-range cartridge that's gaining popularity in the precision-shooting community is the .300 Norma Mag, necked down from the .338 Norma Mag. In 2016, USSOCOM announced it had selected this powerful long-range cartridge as the group's Advanced Sniper Rifle Cartridge, opening up a whole new level of interest. Silent Legion capitalized on the growing popularity of the cartridge by offering its new .300 Norma Mag. suppressor for users of this long-range round.

The Silent Legion .300 Norma Mag. Suppressor is built from titanium and comes equipped with the company's patented Suppressor Retention System, which threads directly onto the muzzle of a compatible rifle and keeps the unit attached securely to the firearm, so users won't experience the loosening of the device through extended strings of fire. A quick-detach device is also available, allowing users in the field to quickly attach and remove their suppressor for easy transportation and storage. Another added benefit of the QD mount is the inclusion of a Tri-Lock flash hider that suppresses muzzle flash. The direct-thread mount attaches to all standard 5/8-24 TPI threaded muzzles, and a 3/4-24 TPI mounting option is also available, both equipped with the SRS system.

Measuring 11.25 inches in overall length, 1.88 inches wide and weighing only 30 ounces, the .300 Norma Mag. Suppressor reduces the muzzle report of a long-range rifle by 34 decibels. Felt recoil is also reduced by the suppressor, enabling users to stay on target for faster and more-accurate follow-up shots. The suppressor body features spiral serrations that wrap around the circumference of the device, providing additional texture for torquing the unit off the muzzle after firing. The all-titanium suppressor is finished with a durable Cerakote coating, and the suggested retail price on the suppressor is $1,748.

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