First Look: Silent Legion SL-AK Suppressor

posted on April 11, 2019

The AK-47 platform is one of the world’s most popular firearms and has proven to be a workhorse on the battlefield, as well as a proven, reliable firearm for the commercial market here at home. However, for a long time now, suppressing the AK and its many variants has been quite a chore. From the threading on the barrel to an operating system that needs a certain amount of gas to operate reliably, an AK just isn’t built with attaching a suppressor in mind.

Silent Legion is taking on this hurdles, though, with the company's new SL-AK suppressor. This all-new can is designed from the start to work with AK-47 style rifles in 7.62x39 mm, making it a great choice to throttle the noise of one of the most popular firearms in the world. The Bi-Lock Quick Detach mounting system on the SL-SK offers one of the fastest and most-effective quick-detach systems on market today, allowing you to attach or detach the suppressor in a matter of seconds.

The SL-AK reduces sound by a significant amount, offering 32 dB of total reduction. The 7.75-inch length and 1.5-inch diameter is a natural extension of the barrel that does not affect the normal shooting stance or grip. At only 17 ounces, shooters can manhandle their gun with little or no effect from the weight of the suppressor at the end of the barrel of their rifle. 

An added benefit of Silent Legion’s SL-SK suppressor that it can help tame the AK’s not-insignificant recoil, making for more accurate shots and more effective firearm, especially when shooting quickly.

Silent Legion SL-AK Suppressor Specifications

Sound Reduction: 32 decibels
Length - 7.75 inches
Diameter - 1.5 inches
Weight - 17 ounces
Finish - Cerakote
Mount - Bi-Lock quick detach

More information on the SL-SK is available at


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