First Look: Silent Legion SL-BK Suppressor

posted on September 16, 2019

The 300 Blackout round was designed to be used from the ground up in a suppressed firearm, and the new Silent Legion SL-BK .300/6.8 SPC Direct Thread suppressor is designed from the ground up to work with 300 Blackout in an effort to provide as much noise-reduction as possible by working with the benefits of this suppressor-oriented cartridge.

The SL-BK is a titanium suppressor that is only 6.8 inches long and tips the scales at a mere 11.4 ounces. Despite its small size and light weight, the SL-BK reduces the sound from the versatile 300 Blackout round by up to 32 dB, whether with either supersonic or subsonic ammunition.

“The 300 Blackout is one of the best rounds available to be suppressed, especially with subsonic loads,” said Ed Schoppman of Silent Legion. “We knew that when we decided to build a 300 Blackout-specific suppressor, it had to be great, as there are expectations in this round. We believe we succeeded with the SL-BK.”

The SL-BK features a high-temperature Cerakote finish for durability, along with 5/8x24 TPI 2B threads for fitting the suppressor on a wide variety of firearms. The SL-BK also comes with Silent Legion's Suppressor Retention System to help keep the suppressor securely attached to the gun under almost any condition.

The SL-BK also works on guns chambered in the 6.8 SPC cartridge, and comes with Silent Legion's no-comprise attitude that includes a lifetime warranty for your suppressor.

SL-BK Product Features

Sound Reduction – 32 dB
Length – 6.63 inches
Diameter – 1.50 inches
Weight – 14 ounces
Material – Titanium
Finish – High Temperature Cerakote

MSRP on the SL-BK is $998, and for more information, visit


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