First Look: Magpul Fall 2018 Apparel Line

posted on September 18, 2018
With the turning of the seasons and the start of cooler weather, Magpul is making sure that shooters can still carry their guns and gear comfortably with its all-new Fall 2018 Apparel lineup. Six new products in the collection are built from the ground up to offer support and room for movement for prepared citizens who plan to be out in the elements.

The first new product offered in the Fall Apparel lineup is the Magpul Logger Shirt, which is constructed from a synthetic wool material that's designed to stretch, providing added comfort and flexibility to the wearer. The material works to keep wearers warm, even while wet, making it a great option for those who are outside and active in the cold, damp months of late fall. Extra material provides greater room for movement, and the shirt includes two chest pockets that secure contents into place and prevent outside debris from climbing in. The Logger Shirt starts at a suggested retail price of $89.95.

Next up in the collection is the Magpul Commando Zip Neck Sweater, which is also woven from the same synthetic wool as the company's Logger shirt. Designed to work especially as a solid underlayer beneath a light jacket for total comfort, the sweater features reinforcement found in the shoulders and arms, protecting the wearer against wind and weather. The Magpul team also put the sweater together with concealed-carry in mind, providing a specially articulated form that provides a comfortable, form-fitting design that also conceals a firearm well. The Commando Zip Neck Sweater starts at $119.95.

One of the more-unique designs found in the Magpul collection is the Reversible Tech Logger "Shacket," which is a combination shirt/jacket developed by the design team. On one side, the piece offers a hardy, plaid jacket, while the other side provides a light, insulated layer that guards against the elements. The windproof design also features built-in articulation that allows for easy concealment of and access to a holstered firearm, and two quick-access hand pockets allow for easily reached storage for EDC gear. The Reversible Tech Logger Shacket retails at a suggested price of $159.95.

Moving back to a traditional piece of fall wear, the Magpul Light Insulated Jacket and Hoody are set of perfect fall clothing items, providing wearers with a light, well-insulated jacket that can function as its own piece of cover or as an underlayer tucked beneath an outer shell. Thanks to its synthetic construction, the jacket offers a hydrophobic layer that keeps wearers dry and protected from the elements, while the breathable, insulated layer prevents moisture from building up underneath the layer. For those who prefer a hoody component that offers even greater coverage in severe weather, the jacket can be ordered with a built-in drop hood. The jacket retails at a suggested price of $179.95. For those who want the added hood, the unit retails for $199.95.

To round out Magpul's Fall 2018 offering for upper-body wear, the company introduced its Light Insulated Hybrid pullover, which is purpose-built to provide an added layer for outdoor shooters as the weather turns cold. The benefit of this pullover versus other designs on the market is the dynamic, stretch construction in select areas of the garment, which makes it compatible with not only concealed firearms but also chest rigs, harnesses, chest packs and equipment belts. The suggested retail price on the pullover is $189.95.

The final component of the company's Fall 2018 Apparel line is the Softshell Utility Pant, which is constructed from a lightweight, quick-drying fabric designed to keep wearers warm in colder months. The pants are constructed with integrated gussets that offer an enhanced range of motion for active use. Included storage pockets are sized right for phones, 15-round pistol magazines or pocket knives, and an added thigh pocket provides space for miscellaneous gear. The suggested retail price on the utility pant is $114.95.


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