MagnaReady Shirts

posted on February 10, 2015

For folks that carry concealed, accessing and presenting the pistol from concealment is often the most time-intensive part of the draw. Sweeping the garment aside, or untucking a tucked holster, requires time and effort that can rob precious seconds.

With magnetic closures rather than buttons, the MagnaReady shirt makes accessing from concealment simple.

MagnaReady makes a series of shirts that resemble standard button-down shirts that have magnetic closures underneath the non-functioning buttons. These shirts were initially designed and planned for people that had mobility and strength concerns, and the concealed-carry community has realized what a valuable asset shirts like MagnaReady can be to facilitate a faster draw.

For a shoulder holster or tuckable, accessing the pistol requires physically moving the cover garment out of the way. With the magnetic closures in the MagnaReady shirts, it is significantly faster to open the shirt than to pull it up and out (for tuckable holsters) and less cumbersome than a second cover garment (for shoulder holsters). Simply sweep the shirt open and access is immediate.

MSRP: $62.95 (short sleeves), $64.95 (long sleeves). Sizes for men and women, XS to M (Women's), S to XXL (Men's).


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