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Faxon Firearms Adds Two New MuzzLok Muzzle Devices

Faxon Firearms Adds Two New MuzzLok Muzzle Devices

Faxon Firearms announced the addition of two new muzzle devices to the company's MuzzLok muzzle device line: the Gunner 3-port Muzzle Brake and the Flame Tri-Prong Flash Hider.

“We are thrilled to be expanding the MuzzLok line of products with the Gunner and Flame devices," said Nathanial Schueth, director of sales & product development. "Both meet shooters’ objectives for versatility and recoil or flash reduction. The Gunner and Flame for 5.56 NATO are just the first of many more devices to come using MuzzLok technology.”

The two new devices build on the company's proprietary MuzzLok system, which do not require the use of crush washers in order to properly mount and index a muzzle device. Simply use the extension nut to change the length of the device in order to adjust rotational timing. This allows users to forego the use of a crush washer and also easily change muzzle devices in the field.

The Gunner 3-Port Muzzle Brake was specifically designed for significant recoil reduction, and the company claims that the brake will reduce recoil on 5.56 NATO rifles by more than 50 percent, regardless of barrel length. The device achieves this by using three separate ports to sequentially capture propellant gases and redirect them to the side. The Gunner is legal for use in 3-gun, USPSA and IDPA competitions.

The Flame Tri-Prong Flash Hider is designed to eliminate muzzle flash, regardless of barrel length. The geometry of the flash hider works to eliminate secondary ignitions at the muzzle, and the company claims that muzzle flash with the device is "nonexistent." 

Suggested retail price for these muzzle devices is $59.99 each, which includes the MuzzLok nut.

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