Taurus "First 24" Emergency Kit

posted on April 27, 2014

One of the more interesting items at the Annual Meeting was this "First 24" kit from Taurus:

Containing either a Judge or .357 Magnum revolver as the centerpiece, these kits contain a number of items designed to assist in temporary emergency conditions. Spare ammunition, a powerful flashlight (with extra batteries) and a CRKT knife complement the revolver, and other assorted gear to help make life a little easier when things go bad are included.

The kits vary slightly in composition, but Items like paracord, compass and a firestarter are included. Another nice touch is the addition of sticky-sided LED lights, designed to alert authorities to one's location in times of power outage. The Taurus representative explained the reasoning behind the light, stating that Miami-Dade's emergency response is excellent, but they need to know where to find folks in natural emergencies.

This is one kit that's certainly got some thought behind it.


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Henry Arms Logo

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