Talon Grips Acquires ArachniGrip

ArachniGrip slide grips are a natural complement to Talon’s frame grips.

posted on July 19, 2022
TALON Grips Acquires ArachniGRIP

Family-owned Talon Grips has acquired ArachniGrip, the company that created the patented SlideSpider stick-on grip for pistol slides. The companies are both based in Colorado and have earned a sterling reputation for their 100-percent American-made products.  

ArachniGrip was established in 2015, after co-founder Bob Biedenbach returned to shooting and discovered arthritis and reduced hand strength encumbered his ability to work a pistol slide. Together with Don Hoekendorf—the other founder of the company and rangemaster—they invented a grip for the slide that reduces hand fatigue and improves purchase.

“Once the grip is applied, you are able to pull the slide back with minimal effort,” said Mike Morris, president of Talon Grips. “You can immediately feel the difference whether you are a veteran shooter or new to the sport. For years, we have worked with Don and Bob as our products complement each other nicely. It was a logical step for the brands to join forces. They built a solid foundation and this is a great opportunity for Talon to use our knowledge and offer the best grip for the slide of the firearm, an area that many people struggle to control.”

After this month’s acquisition, ArchniGrip SlideSpiders were made available as a single piece. The popular, easily installed units were previously only available in a two-pack.

“I am very excited to see where Talon will take this,” Hoekendorf said. “They are the leader in this space and have become a household name in firearm grips.” There was no word if ArachniGrip, which was established in 2015, will be moving its headquarters from Parker, CO.

Talon Grips are manufactured using state-of-the-art cutting technology and sources all its raw materials from factories in America’s Midwest. The original version that launched the company was constructed from skateboarder’s tape. It was cut by hand for a duty Glock 21 in 2009 and officers who witnessed the advantages quickly requested their own. In 2010 the company retired the product’s original construction, replacing it with a granulated material that better adheres to polymer, as well as being more pliable and comes off clean. It’s been subsequently replaced by the thinner, higher-performance Talon Grips rubber material.


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