Springfield Armory Auctions Off Custom Saint Rifles

posted on February 14, 2017
Springfield Armory launched a special Valentine's Day fundraiser with two custom "His & Hers" SAINT AR-15 rifles. The auction is taking place on GunBroker and will run until Feb. 28, 2017. All of the proceeds from the auction will benefit the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation.

“We’re honored to continue our support of this foundation honoring a great American hero,” Springfield Armory CEO Dennis Reese said. “Last year, we had the honor of producing a special version of the 1911 TRP pistol that American Sniper Chris Kyle carried in combat to benefit the foundation. This year, we wanted to continue that tradition and find a new way to support the great work being done by Taya Kyle and the foundation team.”

The company partnered with gunsmithing experts at XDMAN to produce the two custom guns. Each rifle features tactical KG Gunkote finishes applied by gunsmith James Nicholas.

“I was intrigued by the idea of customizing his and hers rifles with consecutive serial numbers," Nicholas said. "The Splatter Coat technique has been our most popular finish, and I wanted to highlight the Valentine’s Day timing of this fundraiser with carefully chosen colors. I think the result is something really special.”

The "His" SAINT rifle features a KG Gunkote red-and-black Splatter Coat finish, which is one of the most popular designs offered by XDMAN. The finish gives the gun a tactical appearance in-line with modern-day camouflage patterns.

The "Hers" SAINT rifle also uses the company's Splatter Coat finish, but XDMAN used a mix of custom colors and splatter to produce a different kind of finish. The rifle's base coat combines pink and silver coatings to make a lilac-colored background. The splattered top coat is a combination of the company's titanium and purple coatings, giving the gun a metallic sheen underneath light.

As an added touch, XDMAN also applied matching finishes to Hexmag Series 2 magazines to finish out the aesthetic look of both rifles. Both guns will also ship with unaltered Magpul 30-round magazines. If the winning bidder lives in a state with magazine-capacity restrictions, a state-compliant magazine will be provided.

The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, led by Executive Director Taya Kyle, has a mission to "Honor God, Country and Families Who Serve." The foundation fulfills this mission by providing unique experiences to military and first-responder families. Programs sponsored by the foundation give families the opportunity to reconnect after undergoing the stresses of service. Clinical coaching is also provided by the foundation.

“We’re thrilled that Springfield Armory is continuing their support of the Foundation,” Taya Kyle said. “This fundraiser represents their esteem of our law enforcement, EMS and military communities and desire for these families and marriages to thrive. It’s great to have this kind of support.”

The Springfield Armory SAINT AR-15 is the first AR from the company, and it features a number of beneficial upgrades not commonly found on base-model ARs. Read more about the rifle in this Shooting Illustrated review.

You can find the GunBroker auction here.


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