Review: Spectre Apparition-Too AIWB/IWB Holster

posted on December 19, 2020

Versatility is the name of the game with the Spectre Holsters Apparition-Too, the latest Appendix/IWB from the small but growing Warrenton, MO-based manufacturer. A redesign of their ol’ faithful taco-style, this new version has some key features that should excite anyone who gets frustrated by one-position-only holsters that simply don’t work well any other way.

The Apparition-Too starts with a basic taco design but is not made from .080 Kydex, the typical taco material. Instead, Spectre chose .093 Boltaron for its standard color models, Holstex for the carbon-fiber look, and Royalite for the specialty prints. Why not Kydex? According to Spectre owner Steve Cleverley, he chose these materials “for their superiority over Kydex in the realm of durability and impact resistance. They also do not have the hot and cold temperature sensitivity that Kydex does. So if you must subject it to the summer heat or frigid winter temps, it will have little effect on the fit.”

Retention is adjustable via a pair of Phillips screws below the trigger guard that doubles as the mounting point for the DarkStar ModWing. For those of you who carry appendix, you know how important a good wing or claw is to push the grip back against the body, reducing the likelihood of printing. I don’t carry appendix, but even in the strongside position, the wing helps reduce printing while still allowing for easy access to the grip for a clean draw.

Rather than a conventional metal or plastic belt clip, the Apparition-Too attaches with an UltiClip, adding to the holster’s versatility because this clip allows it to be worn with or without a belt, a great option when wearing athletic wear or, for the ladies, yoga pants or other non-belted wardrobe options. At first, the UltiClip on my sample was super hard to open, calling into question the wisdom of using it. But it loosened up as I worked with it, making it easier to take on and off yet holding firm while in use. If you’re wearing it with a ½-inch belt and don’t want to mess with opening and closing the clip, you can leave it closed and simply slide the belt through like a conventional belt clip. Two other clip options are available when ordering if you want more traditional options.

The Apparition Too comes righty or lefty and starts at $64.99 from Additional cost options include molds for weapon-mounted lights (an option not found on many other IWBs) and specialty prints for a small upcharge. Overall, the Apparition-Too is a solid holster with versatile options at a reasonable price.



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