Pachmayr G-10 Tactical Pistol Grips

posted on November 21, 2016
Pachmayr Grips now offers G-10 material grips in multiple colors and configurations for some of the most popular handguns in the country.

G-10 material is a fiberglass-based epoxy resin laminate that is known for its durability and resistance to moisture and chemicals. With these grips, users don't have to worry about damaging the finish when out in the weather or during overzealous cleaning.

The construction of G-10 laminate allows for multiple color layers to be included. When the final product is machined, the multiple layers produce an attractive pattern that shooters can use to bring a custom touch to their guns.

Pachmayr offers a number of different colors and finishes for multiple guns. Grips come in either a fine or a coarse grain, depending on how aggressive of a grip the end user desires. Color options are green/black or gray/black blends. Grips are available for the standard 1911, SIG Sauer P238 and P938, Ruger MK II and III, Beretta 92 FS, CZ 75 and Ruger's 22/45. Suggested retail price on the grips is $44.98.


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